Choosing the right business promotional items for your event

From sweet jars full of sugary treats to pens, stress relief balls and branded bottles of juice, choosing the right business promotional items can be tough. So, what are they, why should you use them and how do you choose the right one for your brand?

How to Choose the Right Freebie

What are freebies?

Business promotional items, also known as freebies, are merchandise, items or gifts that are branded with a logo and are used in marketing. They are given away for free to promote a company.

Why business promotional items?

These products are a great way to increase brand awareness and sales. Plus, they can invoke brand loyalty to a company.

How to choose the right business promotional items

Consider the cost

You may feel pressured into giving away items because everybody else does it, but is it right for your exhibition? If you feel that there isn’t a justified reason to give away something, then quite simply… you don’t have to!

But, giveaways can generate more interest on your stand if done right and they don’t have to be expensive. You could even cut down on costs by buying fewer and only giving them away as a thank you to those who are a potential lead or sale as a little thank you.

Make it relevant

Giving away a relevant gift is really important for visitors. Going the extra mile to make sure that your giveaway portrays your brand values and is relevant to what your audience would want can help make sure your brand is remembered at the end of the day.

Giving away a branded pen in the B2B world may be a bit of a cliché, but that’s because it’s a tried and tested method. Yes, it may be seen as a bit dull, but we all have those pens still in our pen pots at work. Some of my favourite pens are former freebies so I have a constant reminder of that brand every time I use them. Just make sure you choose a pen that won’t break after its third use or stop working after a quick squiggle else it’ll be counter-productive!

If you’re in the B2C world, this may not be the best giveaway for you – unless you’re a stationary supplier that is! Think about your customers and what they’d love to have. Match it with your brand and you could have a great campaign. Some brands use pocket mirrors, branded on the back with messages such as “a reflection of you” for marketing agencies and “You can do it” for positive messages from parenting brands.

Brand it

Always make sure your business promotional items are branded and do your best to make sure they’re linked to your brand in some way.

If you can add a logo on your freebie, then all the better – it makes sure that your potential customer can remember who you are. If it isn’t possible to buy a branded item, think about how you can personalise it to add branding. We’ve seen generic plush toys being branded using ribbon and hole-punched business cards acting as a small flyer.

Or if you’re giving away sweets, why not add small printed stickers or purchase branded packaging? They’ll stay with the product until it’s eaten. Get creative with your branding!

Stand out

Whatever freebie you choose, remember that your gift will be side-by-side with your competitors. If you’re looking for a long-lasting memory, will your gift get lost in a sea of others?

See if you can be a bit different from the crowd and you could have the key to success. Just make sure it’s for the right cost, is relevant and branded!

What are your thoughts? Do you use business promotional items? Perhaps you have some additional event freebie ideas? Leave a comment below. Alternatively, contact us today if you have any questions or portable display requirements.

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