Pubs and Bars

Make sure your pub, bar or restaurant is COVID secure by implementing safe social distancing measures.

Explore our range of social distancing screens, hand sanitising stations, PPE and our management systems to suit your premises.
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“The New Normal?”

Your next drink and meal at your local pub may seem a little different from the last time you were there. Whether it be using an app to order drinks to your table or enjoying your meal with disposable cutlery, there have been a variety of steps taken to limit the transmission of COVID-19.

In accordance to new regulations, customers and staff should be encouraged to use hand sanitisers or handwashing facilities as they enter the venue. We offer a range of hand sanitising stations including digital, fully hands free, wall mounted and counter top station options.

Social Distancing

COVID-19 specific signage and floor stickers are a constant reminder to customers to maintain a social distance. We offer an affordable range of generic floor stickers and COVID-19 signage for walls, floors, windows and bathrooms which have proven extremely effective. We also offer custom signage to incorporate your brand and company essence.

In the efforts of limiting close interaction, in order to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, bars where possible are required to offer table service, assigning a single staff member per table.

Staff should be discouraged from making non-essential trips around the venue and at all times should be wearing PPE. We offer high quality customisable PPE including face visors and facemasks. Help reduce PPE waste with our higher quality, washable, re-usable masks personalised with your designs.

Crowd Management

To ensure distance in venues where the 1.5m requirement isn’t feasible, we suggest using our range of partition screens. We offer a number of options, from light portable screens that can be used to separate tables from one another, to sturdier more permanent fixed partitions. We pride ourselves in the quality of our partitions and in our ability to make bespoke designs for your brand and venue.

Venues are responsible for the management and therefore the overcrowding of their venues. Alongside partitions, PPE, stickers and signage we offer an entry management device called NEMS. This system is a plug and play remotely controlled traffic signal that notifies customers when they can enter the premises. With NEMS there is a socially distanced approach to traffic management beside the savings of needing a staff member at the door. With window options also available in the efforts to function in any premise, units are fully customisable to suit your brand.

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