Hairdressers and Barbers

From July 4th hair salons, barbers, nail salons, tattoo shops and other beauty parlours in England have been given the go-ahead to open.  

Our range of social distancing screens, hand sanitising stations and PPE will help your staff and colleagues stay safe in a COVID secure environment.

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Maintain safety with social distancing signs

The UK government have announced strict guidance for people who provide these close contact services. New regulations include booking appointments, mandatory PPE, social distancing and regular cleaning of hands and surfaces.

Comply with these regulations and ensure your service and premises is COVID secure with our large range of social distancing signage, including wall and floor stickers, personal protective equipment, sanitising stations, partitions, sneeze guards and entry management systems.  

We understand many are feeling uneasy about the current situation we find ourselves in and the vast challenges businesses now face caused by COVID-19. With this in mind, we have developed and brought to market a low cost solution product range to allow businesses to effectively operate once again.

Protective equipment is essential

Salons have expressed the safety of staff and clients was their “highest priority”. To ensure safety and to comply with government regulation since August 8th personal protective equipment has been required at all times within the premises.

In our PPE range we have implemented solutions to solve various challenges such as offering face visors for hard of hearing individuals.

We can also supply custom printed face masks for staff to use or to giveaway to clients for added brand recall.

Rather than wearing standard coloured masks, a custom printed design can also create a more positive child friendly environment.

Our face masks also help to reduce the waste PPE is currently creating as they’re fully washable and reusable.

Hand sanitising stations for regular use

The most effective methods of preventing the transmission of COVID-19 are social distancing and regular handwashing.

Therefore, the Government mandate that these steps must be followed as much as possible even when both parties are wearing protective equipment.

When adequate social distancing in the workplace is not possible, some mitigating actions include:

  • Frequent cleaning of hands and surfaces
  • Using screens and barriers to separate clients from one another
  • Using a clear one-way system to eliminate confusion and unneeded interaction

To suffice the essential and frequent cleaning of hands we provide a range of hand sanitising stations, disinfecting aerosols and spray kits.

Social distancing screens for added protection

To further mitigate transmission within your business we offer a range of partitions and sneeze guards to separate clients from each other.

Our retractable roller banner screens are an easy and portable solution within smaller confined areas.  We also offer a variety of screens ranging from transparent, clear, wood or acrylic to suit your brand.

Customisable partitions can help create temporary areas within your hair salon or barber shop. They can also be used to control the flow of traffic entering and leaving your premises in particular directions. Government guidance promotes one-way flows in high traffic areas such as bathrooms or registers which can feasibly be achieved using partitions. These are normally accompanied with floor stickers, signage or pedestrian rope barriers.

Entry management for larger locations

All hairdressers and barbers are strongly recommended to stagger arrival and departures of clients through booking appointments in order to reduce large crowds within the workplace at any one time.

Depending on your location perhaps you may need to collaborate with other businesses who share the premises.

To minimise the numbers of people on site, NEMS is a handy entry management system that can help maintain the number of clients in a store at any one time. A remote-controlled traffic light system can show availability at times of low demand and prevent overcrowding in times of high demand.  

Why Marler Haley?

Here are just a few of the reasons to use our products at your location:  

  • Quick and easily assembled  
  • Wide variety of displays to choose from
  • Custom products available on request
  • Fast delivery when you need it most
  • Personal account manager to assist you through every step
  • High quality displays that last, with our long list of satisfied customers as proof!

Get in touch with us today

We all have experienced challenges and difficulties the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.

We have spent a large part of our time speaking to our customers and designing products that best suit your needs at this time.

Nearly all our products have been designed for custom printing to promote your message and brand while serving its functional use at the same time.

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