Social distancing screens for warehouses

We have a wide range of social distancing screens available to choose from.

This range has been hand picked specifically for suitable and effective use in warehouse and production facility environments.

Explore our social distancing range below.


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Making your warehouse and production facilities COVID safe

In order to return to work safely, we must ensure we create a safe COVID secure working environment.

The basic principle of making a work place COVID secure is the following:

  • Keep distance from people outside their household, keeping 2 meters distance where possible and if not 1 meter
  • Keep hands and face as clean as possible. Hand sanitiser should be carried when travelling and applied where available outside the home, especially when entering a building and following contact with surfaces. Clothes should also be washed regularly, as there is some evidence that the virus can stay on fabrics.
  • It is possible to reduce the risks of transmission in the workplace by limiting the number of people that any given individual comes into contact with regularly. Employers can support this where practical by changing shift patterns and rotas to keep smaller, contained teams. Evidence also suggests the virus is less likely to be transmitted in well-ventilated areas.


Maintain a safe distance from colleagues

While shifts are split it is easier to enable your teams to keep a safe distance from one and other in warehouses and production facilities. As more people return to work this becomes harder to achieve.

Maintaining a safe distance can be done by using markers and signs to guide employees, or by implementing physical barriers to create a screen between team members. 
We have a number of social distancing screens for warehouses that can create a physical barrier between team members. They come in a range of sizes and materials to suit. Within this range we offer more robust units in order for long lasting use within your premises. See our full range of social distancing screens here.

In order to enable team members to maintain a safe distance between each other while working or moving through your facility we would recommend using social distancing signage.   This would include floor stickers to mark out safe areas for people to stand and printed safety mats or directional floor stickers.

We appreciate each facility may be set out in its own unique way. As such, we offer a range of services that allow us to design bespoke social distancing screens that can meet your specific needs. Please call us to find out more.