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We have a wide range of social distancing screens and signage available. All products have been hand picked as best suited options for offices buildings.

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Making your office COVID safe

The current advice is not to return to work unless necessary. But when teams do return to the office, it is important to ensure a COVID safe work environment.

The basic idea of making a work place office COVID secure is the following:

  • Keep distance from people outside their household, keeping 2 metres distance where possible and if not 1 metre.
  • Keep hands and face as clean as possible. Hand sanitiser should be carried when travelling and applied where available outside the home, especially when entering a building and following contact with surfaces. Clothes should also be washed regularly, as there is some evidence that the virus can stay on fabrics.
  • It is possible to reduce the risks of transmission in the workplace by limiting the number of people that any given individual comes into contact with regularly. Employers can support this where practical by changing shift patterns and rotas to keep smaller, contained teams. Evidence also suggests the virus is less likely to be transmitted in well-ventilated areas.


Maintain a safe distance from colleagues within the office

We have recommended a number of ways that you can maintain a COVID secure office environment.

Social Distancing Screens for Desks

Traditional office layouts can make social distancing difficult. Desks are often in pods with minimal space between chairs. We have selected a number of clear protective screens for desks which can either be added to existing desk partitions or create new desk partitions entirely.


The screens can be configured to suit your desk layout.

We also have a range of portable social distancing screens for desks which can be used in meeting rooms and placed between attendees.

Social distancing office screens on wheels

We understand that sometimes you need a fully portable option for the office. So, we have a range of social distancing screens on wheels that can offer the flexibility required.

Social distancing signage for offices

Signage can be used to remind people of guidelines that have been set in place. They can also inform about the safest route through the office as well as the maximum number of people in a room at any time.

We have a selection of pre-made designs to choose from, or you can create your only specific messages that reflect your brand and specific rules for your office.

Hand Sanitising Stations for Offices

Keeping hands as clean as possible reduces the risk of spreading viruses. It is advised to have hand sanitisers at entrances and exits. It is also important in workplaces to have them available in each office section or in high traffic areas such as meeting rooms, kitchens and toilets.

To reduce any contact in high traffic areas, personal door hooks are ideal.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or just need a little bit of help, please give us a call today. We also have bespoke options available if you require something more specific.