The Bargain-Hunter’s Guide to Display Deals

Earlier this year, we published a blogpost called buying banner stands on a budget. This was one of our most popular topics, so we thought it was time to issue a few more tips on getting the best display stand deals…

Tip 1: Plan if you can
You’re more likely to get a bargain if you can plan in advance.
At Marler Haley we tend to run offers throughout the year, but the timing varies (for example, some months we discount pop-up stands, on others we do banner stand promotions, at other times it might be tablecloths).
If you’ve got a few months before your next event, you’re more likely to find a discount on the type of stand you want. So we’d recommend you make a list of your exhibition needs at the start of the year and then keep a lookout for sales and special offers, you’re likely to get a great deal that way.
(And if you know us, call us and tell us what you need – we can give you a ‘reminder call’ when the right offer comes in…)

Tip 2: Bite the bullet
If you’ve got an exhibition in (say) September and see a brilliant offer in July, buy now!
Lots of people buy stands a week or two before they need them for an exhibition. That’s fine with us, we’re always glad to help you if you’re in a hurry. But you need to bear in mind that the stand you want may not be on offer, so you could pay a bit more for it if leaving things until the last minute.

Tip 3: Turn up the volume
If you need to make a few purchases (such as multiple banner stands, or a combination of items), you may qualify for volume discounts if you buy everything at once.
Don’t be scared to ask a supplier for your best price – well, don’t be afraid to ask Marler Haley anyway! We often get requests for bulk-buying discounts and routinely do our very best to help customers get the best deal.

Tip 4: Thinking of a change?
If you’re buying a banner stand and might need to use different messages throughout the year, consider buying a stand with changeable graphic, such as the Eco stand.
This works out cheaper in the long run because you’re only buying a new graphic. It also means you won’t be sending anything to landfill if you change your business phone number, branding or the like, so you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Tip 5: Know frills!
If your budget is really tight, sometimes cutting out little extras or ‘frills’ can save those precious pennies.
For example, if you’re buying an outdoor flag, ours normally come packed in a box. You can pay a few pounds extra for a carry bag, but not everyone needs one; so think first about how often you’ll use the flag, where you’ll transport it to and from and whether a case is really needed.

Hope you find this information useful, as always if you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear them. Feel free to post a message below, email us or call our enquiry line on 0500 888 668.

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