What is an Exhibition Media Wall?

What is an exhibition media wall?
An exhibition media wall, also known as a press wall or a step-and-repeat banner, is a backdrop used at events, particularly those with a significant media presence, usually representing brands, logos and sponsors. The term "step and repeat" refers to the way logos or graphics are arranged on the wall in a repeated pattern, creating a visually appealing and uniform background.

Below, we talk about some key features and purposes of an exhibition media wall and how you can create your own!



Like a press wall, a media wall displays logos and branding, often of the event itself or its sponsors. This helps boost brand identity and provides a recognisable backdrop for media coverage. Media walls are versatile and can be completely customised based on the specific needs and branding requirements of an event. They play a crucial role in the visual representation and promotion of events, especially in the context of media coverage.

Sponsor Recognition

In events sponsored by various companies, a media wall is an effective way to showcase and recognise those sponsors. Each sponsor's logo can be included in the repeat pattern, guaranteeing exposure in event coverage. A media wall adds a professional and polished look to event photography.

Photography and interviews

The primary purpose of a media wall is to serve as a backdrop for photographs and interviews, usually at red carpet events. Attendees, particularly VIPs or celebrities, stand in front of the media wall for photos to be taken by journalists and photographers. The branded background provides visibility for the event and its sponsors, and repetition of the logos ensures that they are able to be seen at multiple angles.



Creating your own media wall

Option 1 - Do you have print ready artwork for your media wall? Send us your print ready file to artwork@marlerhaley.co.uk and our expert artworkers will check your file. If there are any issues, a member of the team will be in contact as soon as this is picked up.

Option 2 - Alternatively, you can use our artworking services, starting from £25 – just send us your logo(s) and our team will create a print ready media wall design to your requirements!

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