Create Your Own Modulate™ Display

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  • Build your own Modulate™ display stand using the labelled frames as guidance
  • 360° magnetic connectors in frame
  • Self-locking tubular frame
  • Double-sided tension fabric graphic
  • Each frame supplied with 2 twist and lock stabilising feet
  • Optional half foot to use your stand flat against a wall
  • Padded carry bag included for each frame
  • Lead time: 3 to 5 working days from receipt of artwork

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Create your own reconfigurable exhibition stand with our range of Modulate™ fabric displays. Choose and build from 15 structures of varying sizes to create a fully branded display that suits your area of use.

The structures feature 4 powerful magnetic connectors built into the tubular aluminium frame - allowing you to effortless connect frames together. This also means you can reconfigure your stand in minutes, with minimum effort and no tools needed.

Each structure is supplied with two twist and lock support feet and a high quality padded carry bag for easy transportation. Optional half feet can be purchased to position your structure flat against a wall.

Price and size

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Modulate™ Structure Width Height Depth Weight
Modulate™ 420 418mm 2000mm 400mm 6.00kg
Modulate™ 420 Square Corners 418mm 2000mm 400mm 6.50kg
Modulate™ 424 418mm 2400mm 400mm 6.40kg
Modulate™ 810 818mm 1000mm 400mm 4.55kg
Modulate™ 810 Square Corners 818mm 1000mm 400mm 5.10kg
Modulate™ 820 818mm 2000mm 400mm 6.40kg
Modulate™ 820 Square Corners 818mm 2000mm 400mm 7.20kg
Modulate™ 824 818mm 2400mm 400mm 6.7kg
Modulate™ 824 Square Corners 818mm 2400mm 400mm 7.10kg
Modulate™ 1020 1018mm 2000mm 400mm 6.80kg
Modulate™ 1020 Square Corners 1018mm 2000mm 400mm 7.2kg
Modulate™ 1024 1018mm 2400mm 400mm 7.10kg
Modulate™ 1024 Square Corners 1818mm 2400mm 400mm 7.20kg
Modulate™ 1820 1818mm 2000mm 400mm 7.80kg
Modulate™ 1820 Square Corners 1818mm 2000mm 400mm 8.20kg
Modulate™ 1824 1818mm 2400mm 400mm 8.20kg
Modulate™ 1824 Square Corners 1818mm 2400mm 400mm 8.60kg
Modulate™ 2020 2018mm 2000mm 400mm 7.90kg
Modulate™ 2020 Square Corners 2018mm 2000mm 400mm 8.30kg
Modulate™ 2024 2018mm 24000mm 400mm 8.30kg
Modulate™ 2024 Square Corners 2018mm 2400mm 400mm 8.70kg
Slope 1 818mm 2300mm 400mm 6.60kg
Slope 2 818mm 2400mm 400mm 6.55kg
Modulate™ Door 820 800mm 2000mm 30mm 4.60kg
Modulate™ Door 820 Square Corners 800mm 2000mm 30mm 5.10kg
Modulate™ Door 824 800mm 2400mm 30mm 5.10kg
Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Product use

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Perfect for creating reconfigurable displays in exhibition and retail environments. Display custom messages, logos, lifestyle images or simply use as a branded backwall.

Set up

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  1. Assemble the numbered tubular sections together.
  2. Add the central reinforcement poles to complete the frame structure.
  3. Place feet* under the frame - twist and lock to secure into place.
  4. Pull the fabric graphic over the frame like a pillow case and zip closed to create tension.
  5. Repeat process for additional structures and connect to additional frames magnetically.

*Use Modulate™ displays with or without feet depending on your configuration. Half feet are also available to place your display in front of a wall.

How to send your artwork

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Follow artworking templates


Send us your artwork on the following Email Address


In-house print quality check

Our in-house graphic experts will check all artwork for quality and will raise any concerns before printing. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check the accuracy of your artwork.

We ask for high resolution files to make sure your design is the best it can be, ideally in their native format (PDF/EPS/AI/QXD). Download our artwork specification for full details.

If you don't have print ready work: Find out how we can help to design your perfect display. If you require additional assistance, please see our customer services section or give us a call today.

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