Tabletop Display Bundles

If you’re exhibiting on a tabletop, we have the perfect combination of products to help you engage with visitors. See our most popular bundles below.

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How to use Tabletop Displays

When you need a stand that features a tabletop, you’ll most likely be looking for a display board that can handle fast-changing information.

Tabletop displays for events

Using a tabletop display allows you to show passersby what you do, what you’re proud of and why they should support you.

If you’re not keen on using display boards, you could opt for banner stands to hold your information. Although they hold static information, they can add a different dimension to your display and catch more attention with alluring graphics.

Why choose a tabletop?

Tabletops are really useful if you’re looking to show your products as they provide a sturdy surface. But you really won’t know the state of the table until you get there.

Adding a simple branded tablecloth to your table can really help to reinforce your branding, hiding any unsightly marks, colours or blemishes and can even help grab attention.

Here are 3 steps to choosing the right tabletop display:

  1. Decorate your table

Fully printed to your own colour (pantone) reference and your own logo, our printed tablecloths are even machine washable.

Choose from regular tablecloths or fitted tablecloths that can even come with a portable folding tableto boot.

  1. Choose your stand

Think about how big your display needs to be. Do you need to change your messages frequently? If so, you need a display board – if not, consider a banner stand.

  1. Think about your literature

Literature can be messy when dealing with a lot of people. As soon as one person takes a leaflet from the top of your pile, it’ll need to be tidied. Use a literature stand instead if you’re looking to take leaflets to hand out. It keeps everything neat and tidy and frees up your time to talk to visitors instead of tidying.

Keeping you on budget

We’ll also help deliver your stands on budget as you can save 10% as compared to purchasing items separately.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you’re still unsure of what to buy, check out our buying guides or call us on 0800 072 7742 and we’ll tailor make a bundle to suit your needs.