Flag Bases

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  • (1) - Small crossbase
  • (2) - Large crossbase
  • (3) - 400mm weighted square base
  • (4) - Ground stake
  • (5) - Drive on foot
  • (6) - Large water base
  • (7) - Fillable weighted ring
  • (8) - Concrete base
  • (9) - Water base with feet

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Flag base options

We have a wide range of bases available that are compatible with your flag poles. Match up the numbers below to the image above to see the corresponding flag base.

No matter where you’d like to assemble your flag, we have a base to make sure your flag pole and graphic stays up.

See our flag base options below to see which base works for you:

Flag base Flag size Benefits
1. Small crossbase Small and medium sized flags / up to 3.2 metres in height Takes up minimal floor space indoors
2. Large crossbase Large and extra large flags / up to 4.9 metres in height Suitable for flags outdoors
3. 400mm weighted square base All sized flags / up to 4.9 metres in height 4kg weighted base for all flags
4. Ground stake All sized flags / up to 4.9 metres in height Practical choice for use in fields and soft ground
5. Drive on foot All sized flags / up to 4.9 metres in height Great for use in car forecourts
6. Large water base All sized flags / up to 4.9 metres in height Lightweight when empty, ideal for transportation
7. Fillable weighted ring To be used with a small or large crossbase Makes crossbases suitable for use outdoors
8. Concrete base All sized flags / up to 4.9 metres in height Ideal for permanent use in a set location
9. Water base with feet All sized flags / up to 4.9 metres in height Easy to transport when empty

Price and size

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  Base number Indoor Outdoor Weight Price
Small Crossbase 1 x   2.0kg £10.00
Large Crossbase 2 x   3.0kg £15.00
400mm Weighted Square Base 3 x   4.0kg £20.00
Fillable Weighted Ring* 7   x 0.5kg £10.00
Ground Stake 4   x 0.5kg £12.50
Drive on Foot 5   x 1.0kg £14.00
Large Water Base 6   x 2.0kg £20.00
Small Crossbase and Weighted Ring 1 + 7   x 2.5kg £20.00
Large Crossbase and Weighted Ring 2 + 7   x 3.5kg £25.00
Concrete Base 8   x 22.0kg £35.00
Water Base with Feet 9   x 2.0kg £42.00

*to be used with a small or large crossbase.

Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Product use

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To be used with our advertising flags to keep your flag poles standing tall. We recommend using flag bases on flat surfaces.

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