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Multiscreen Boards

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Multiscreen is a pioneering modular display systems in the UK. It is produced in a vast range of sizes and fabric colours and can be used in multiple ways.

The panels are joined together using simple connectors and fit into adjustable feet that are perfect for uneven floors.


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Choose our Exclusive Modular Display Systems

Available exclusively at Marler Haley, our Multiscreen display board is the Godfather of modular display systems. This is a large but lightweight system, making it perfect for semi permanent displays.

With a choice of straight and curved display panels, assembly is easy as the display system components fit together into a secure and stable structure. Accessories and replacement components are also available making it simple to add to your collection or to maintain your current multiscreen display kit.

Fully customisable, the chrome frames that make up the surround for each display panel can be finished in MH Expoloop Fabric, allowing you to quickly and easily update your display. With 9 colours to choose from including cherry red, emerald, royal blue and light grey, you’re spoilt for choice. Foam board graphics can also be fitted to the frame with plastic clip strips.

Display panels can be both single and double sided and are compatible with MH Dots and Dash.

Partitioning, Screening and Displaying Information

A lightweight option, the Pole and Panel display board kit is a flexible and extendable panel system ideal for mounting information and posters.

Available in various sizes and heights they can be arranged to create a truly custom display, these panels also make ideal permanent displays where your information can easily be changed.

Displaying Heavier Items

If you’re looking for something that can hold heavier items such as framed artwork and craft items, the Pole and Panel display board system is perfect.

Museums and galleries love using display boards for displaying exhibits and collections of work. It is also used by craft vendors to showcase items such as jewellery, photos and framed paintings.