Junior Folding Display Board System

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  • Choice of 6 colours
  • Luxury foam backed loop nylon fabric boards
  • Multi functional tabletop folding display system
  • Display panels link together with a flexible hinge
  • Compatible with Hook velcro and pinnable
  • Carry bag included

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Junior Folding Display Board

Our Junior folding display board is perfect for table top displays. As a lightweight portable display systems it can be finished in fabric or graphics.

The panel frames are edged in grey plastic and our Junior kit is available in standard 3 display panel kits.

Covered in luxury foam backed loop nylon fabric boards, the display panels are pinnable compatible with hook velcro which enable you to easily attach your information to your display panels, giving you the flexibility to change the information whenever necessary. Printed graphics can be attached to a single panel, all panels, or the header panels to give a professional finish. The choice is yours.

Display panels are hinged together and can be used either as a table top kit or placed on top of each other to create a free standing display system.

Price and size

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  Junior folding kit
Assembled approx height 850mm
Assembled approx width 1800mm
Number of side panels 2
Individual side panel height 600mm
Individual side panel width 450mm
Number of central panels 1
Central panel height 600mm
Central panel width 900mm
Number of header panels 1
Individual header height 250mm
Individual header width 900mm
Weight 5.3kg

Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Product use

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Perfect for conferences and events where a tabletop display is needed. Display boards provide a great solution for displaying information that needs to change on a regular basis. Attach lightweight posters and notices using our hook fasteners for a longer life of your board. Please note that using pins on display boards damages the unit which can affect the lifespan of your board.

Set up

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The MH Folding Panel Display is our affordable folding panel system. Below are step by step instructions on how to set it up:

  1. Start by positioning the base panel set.
  2. The shelf slots into the grooves on the top of the panels.
  3. The upper panel set is positioned on top of the base panels.
  4. To lock the display in place, push down to secure the connecting clips.
  5. The header panel is positioned centrally above the upper panel.
  6. To lock the header in place, push it down to secure the connecting clips.
  7. Remove the plastic edging from the top of the header panel and apply to each side of the header to complete the display.

See instructional diagram here.

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