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LED Flood Light

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  • LED Display Flood Light

    Illuminate your display the LED Flood Light.

    Our lights are compatible with a variety of our stands including pop up displays, fabric display stands and modular exhibition stands.

    Fitted in minutes, your lights link together using the linking lead, which allows the same power source to be used to power up to 5 lights, each being separated by up to 2.5m.

    To power your lights separately – if purchasing more than a single kit – purchase a separate transformer. This is especially useful if you plan on having your lights more than 2.5m apart.

    Powered by a low voltage to save energy, our lights are expected to last up to 22,000 hours while still producing a bright 1200 Lumens for your display

    With our LED Flood Light being four times more efficient than the halogen equivalent, order your lights now.

  • Single light kit:
    x1 Light
    x1 Linking Lead (2.5m)
    Price: £62.00

    Linked light kit:
    x2 Lights
    x1 Linking Lead (2.5m)
    x1 Transformer
    Price: £92.00

    Note: Double light kit comes with only 1 transformer. The lights link together with the linking cables. 5 lights can be linked on one transformer.

    Price excludes VAT

  • Use your LED Flood Light on a wide range of larger stands including pop up displays, fabric display stands and modular exhibition stands

    • Attach arm to top of your display
    • Plug in the 2.5m power cable to a mains supply
    • Plug in the power cable to your light, which will automatically switch it on
Complete Price


£74.40 including VAT

LED Flood Light 0 0
LED Flood Light
  • Bright LED Flood Light
  • Single or linked light kits available
  • Single: x1 light and x1 linking lead (2.5m)
  • Linked: x2 lights, x1 linking lead (2.5m) and x1 transformer
  • Linked lights use one plug and can be linked up to 2.5m away using the linking lead cable
  • Purchase additional transformers to separate lights using different power sources
  • Low voltage
  • Compatible with: pop up displays, fabric display stands and modular exhibition stands


Extra Transformer – £29

£29.00 Add to cart

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