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Custom Window Decals & Stickers

Custom Window Decals

Transform your windows with custom printed window decals and stickers. Great for drawing attention to your building or shop. All decals are custom printed and available with a selected choice of internal and external application options.

See the range below and find your perfect window vinyl today.


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Window Decals

Window stickers and decals are a great way of transforming blank windows and glass walls into a branded advertising space. There are a variety of stickers to choose from, ranging from self-adhesive and window cling vinyl to one-way vision window film. Looking for custom sizes? Our window stickers are printed on large rolls which can be cut down to your custom specifications.

All types of window vinyl are increasingly popular with businesses, restaurants and retail shops as they are easy to put up, take down and replace without damaging your windows. They’re perfect for branding, dressing and displaying advertising messages on shop windows for high levels of exposure to walkers-by.

The different types of window sticker

There are a variety of window stickers with different finishes and features to choose from:


  • Permanent self-adhesive vinyl. Featuring a strong adhesive white backing, permanent self-adhesive stickers are popular because of their durability. These are not easily removed once stuck, which makes them best suited for indoor and outdoor use for up to two years. Commonly used to display brand logos, opening times and more.
  • Removable self-adhesive vinyl. Similar to ‘easy peel’ stickers found commonly on food packaging, removable self-adhesive stickers have the ability to be removed without leaving any marks or residue on the surface. As with the permanent self-adhesive, they are also printed onto a white backing. This type of window vinyl is ideal for short term, seasonal offers where stickers can be peeled off and replaced in minutes.
  • Clear self-adhesive vinyl. Clear window decals are printed on a transparent vinyl – perfect for showcasing intricate designs or wording without the added cost of customised die cutting. The adhesive used in our clear backed stickers also features an ‘easy peal’ backing, allowing you to remove and replace stickers with ease.
  • Window cling. Window cling stickers use no adhesive at all. They’re still printed using the highest quality ink and material, only window clings rely on its thin vinyl material to ‘suction’ onto similar surfaces when pressed down. This means you can peel off and re-apply window cling stickers again and again without losing adhesive strength. Window clings are also printed onto a white backing.
  • One way vision vinyl. Printed on a perforated vinyl material, one-way window film has your artwork displayed on one side while retaining a tinted see-through view on the other. Choose from internal or external application options. External stickers are applied to the outer sides of the glass. Internal stickers are applied on the inner sides of the glass, with artwork still being visible on the outside – this option provides added protection from the outdoor elements.

Using your custom window stickers

Here are a few ideas how you can use window decals:

  • Create private rooms with one-way vision vinyl
  • Advertising your brand logo
  • Product or in-situ images
  • Special offer/promotions
  • Opening/closing times

Check out our Window Decals and Stickers Pinterest board for some inspiration.

Applying window decals

Don't get stuck when it comes to applying window decals. You don't need to hire a professional or be an expert - follow this handy video below for best results. We've also listed some useful tips to help you.

1. Always ensure the surface area is clean and dry - free from dirt or any residue.
2. Peel back and carefully align a small portion of the top section of the sticker.
3. Stick down and smooth over the surface as you go along.
4. If covering large window panels, you may have excess graphic that will need cutting off. 
5. Finally, smooth over the window sticker once more to remove any bubbles that may appear.

Why Marler Haley?

We go the extra mile to make sure all of our customers receive the best service and the highest quality window decal to show off. Here's what you can expect to receive from us:

  • Artwork design help - our in-house graphic technicians are here to help with any questions or design assistance with your artwork.
  • High quality print - using only the highest quality materials for printing to produce a long-lasting and vibrant window decals you can be proud to show off.
  • Dedicated account management - our friendly team of display experts will help you from quote all the way to installation stages of your order.

Join our list of satisfied customers

This is what Nick had to say about his experience with us:

“The MH team did a great job turning the job around quickly. The product is high quality and well printed and all communication was excellent.”

If you’re looking for smaller stickers, check out our custom printed stickers range. For more information or custom requirements, please give us a call today on 0800 072 7742 or use our live chat system during working hours.