Stay SunSmart at Outdoor Events!

Organising an outdoor event can be fantastic if the weather is right. No longer confined to stuffy indoor venues event organisers can spread their wings and venture blinking into the bright sunshine.

Once you’ve got a tailored marketing plan for your outdoor events (Following our five tips for dos and don’ts of the great outdoors!), you’ll need to prepare for the biggest perk that summer brings – the sun!

With long sunny days with sometimes limited shade at your exhibition stand at outdoor events, it’s important to know how you and your team can stay SunSmart.

It’s a fact that getting sunburn can double the risk of skin cancer. It’s a scary figure and with an estimated 10% of people in the UK* likely to risk burning in the sun to attempt to get a tan this summer, so it’s important to be safe, rather than sorry for outdoor events.

As well as reducing the risk of getting burnt, being SunSmart can also make sure that you and your team have a more productive and enjoyable event. Here’s our quick checklist to help you enjoy the sun safely at your next outdoor exhibition:

SWarrington Voluntary Action Banner Stand and Counter, being SunSmartunscreen

If you’re out in the sun all day for an event, it can be easy to underestimate its power and many people get caught out by this by not wearing sunscreen. Make sure that you and your team wear sufficient sunscreen and top this up throughout the day. An ice cream scoop of sunscreen per ‘go’ at a factor of at least 15 is recommended.



With many outdoor events planned when the sun is at its highest – 11am to 3pm, it could be hard to make sure you’re in the shade for this peak time. However, by taking regular breaks, you can seek out the shade and recuperate from the sun.

Cover up

Wearing clothes that cover yourself up will make sure that you’re more protected from the sun. It’ll also stop areas that are more prone to being burnt from the sun– such as shoulders and back.

Drink up

Drinking plenty of water is vital if you plan to be in the sun for a long period of time, as this will stop you from getting dehydrated.

Cancer Research UK’s site SunSmart provides lots of other useful hints and tips that should help you make sure that you’re prepared for your next outdoor exhibition!

*figures from Cancer Research UK and Nivea Sun