Stands in the Spotlight: Moses Beacon

Our team was fascinated to see a Marler Haley stand on BBC prime-time viewing recently, as the legendary Moses Beacon unveiled his Wishwings charity single on Come Fly With Me.

Everybody’s looking for that something, and Moses is clearly a memorable performer as well as an internet phenomenon. But having reviewed his stand set-up, we think that with a little more planning, he could make even more money for charity.

if you’re reading this Moses, here are a couple of tips to make your display as beautiful as your conscience… it’s all for charity.

Tip one: tell a story
You need to grab your audience and tell them a story so when they approach your stand, they know what you want from them. In the clip, the “Please donate to Wishwings” sign is obscured so it may make you appear a little (forgive us for saying this) – well, dodgy. And apart from the leaflets on the table there’s not much saying what the charity does, or how people donating cash will help you to make a difference. A few minutes’ planning could mean many more coins in your tin.

Tip two: cover up
Fabric display boards like the Multiscreen featured are very popular with charities, schools and voluntary groups; they’re inexpensive, sturdy and will last many years. But if you’re trying to encourage people to part with their cash, make the display look as attractive as possible; you can use graphics, pictures, fabrics, boards and even literature shelves to get your point across.

Tip three: ditch the drawers
Having encouraged creativity, there’s a difference between exhibitions and exhibitionism, Moses. We never recommend showing your linen in public – dirty or clean – unless you’re selling it; the undies hung on your stand feel a little gratuitous.
If you were showcasing lingerie at a conference, that might be different. But then you’d want to create an aspirational feel, so sticking push-pins into the merchandise would be a bit of a no-no. That’s what Expodots were made for.

That concludes our rapid review of the Wishwings stand. Time to get back to the YouTube video, wave a candle in the air and watch the Great British Air-man do what he does best, blow his own trumpet.

Moses, we love you.