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  • Zapptizer Sanitising Spray Kit
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Zapptizer Sanitising Spray Kit

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  • High pressure sanitising mist spray
  • Designed for cleansing and disinfecting hard and soft surfaces
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Easy to use 22l canister with high pressure mist gun
  • Approx 700-750m² coverage
  • Kit includes canister, hose and spray gun with mist nozzle
  • Replacement canisters available to purchase separately
  • Lead time: 7 working days

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Save the cost of hiring a professional. The Zapptizer Sanitising Spray Kit allows you to effectively sanitise your areas of use effectively, by killing 99.9% of bacteria.

The sanitising canister contains active biocides specially designed for cleansing and disinfecting hard or soft surfaces. With a high pressure mist, you can easily treat those hard to reach areas.

Each canister offers approximately 700-750m² of coverage. The sanitiser is disinfecting, non-staining, non-corrosive and leaves a pleasant odour after spraying.

The full kit comes with one 22l canister, a 4 metre hose and a spray gun with high pressure mist nozzle.

Fluid PH level is 5.5 so it is completely safe for skin to touch. Shelf life is 6 months from manufacture date.

Please call us for more information.

Price and size

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  Zapptizer Sanitising Spray Kit
Canister capacity 22 litres
Hose length 4 metres

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Product use

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Suitable for a range of applications including: building sites, vehicles, public transport, offices, shops, toilets, showrooms and more.

Set up

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  1. Connect the gun and hose using a spanner.
  2. Connect the hose to the canister using a spanner.
  3. To turn on, simply turn the valve on the canister.
  4. Spray desired surface, ensuring a 300mm gap from the nozzle.
  5. Once finished, turn the valve off.

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