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Hand Sanitiser Stations

See our brand new range of Hand Sanitiser Stations to help prevent germs from spreading within your premises.

Hand sanitising stations allows users to sanitise their hands with anti-bacterial gel, keeping them hygienic when entering or leaving your building. They are also ideally placed within key locations such as checkout tills to ensure customer facing roles can operate safely with the minimal spread of germs and bacteria.

Explore the range below from completely hands free automatic hand sanitiser stations, to children's sized stations for schools.

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Hand Sanitising Stations

Hand sanitiser stations are effective tools to help keep customers and staff hygienic

We have all been advised that increasing the number of times that we wash our hands with soap and water is the best thing that we can do to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.

Viruses can last for several days on hard and soft surfaces. Just by touching a surface with the virus on increases our likelihood of catching it. By frequently sanitising our hands, the spread of germs and bacteria is significantly reduced.

Washing our hands at a sink with soap and water every two hours isn’t always practical. If we are in a busy location like a shop, school or office where the risk of spreading germs is increased, then we should clean our hands more frequently. As a result, we have seen the introduction of several hand sanitising stations at entrances of and around different buildings so employees and visitors can frequently sanitise their hands and help protect them from the viruses.

As a business, we also have an obligation towards our teams to keep workplaces COVID safe. This can be done by ensuring employees are able to implement social distancing and have access to sanitising equipment for hygiene. Read more about how to make a COVID secure workplace.

Which Hand Sanitiser Station is Right for You?

We have a wide range of Hand Sanitising Stations, with more being added daily. All our sanitising stations are freestanding, and most can hold posters - you can use our pre-printed designs or your own.

Digital Hand Sanitiser Station

These sleek digital hand sanitising stations enable you to present a variety of digital messages to your users. This is a simple plug and play system that can be quickly updated hassle free, with minimal effort needed.

We offer different variations with temperature testing and facial mask recognition. The standard system is plug and play, although it can be link with your HR systems and enable auto face recognition to allow access to buildings.

Desktop Sanitising Stations

The desktop sanitising units are perfect if you are short on space or if you have an area where employees and customers come into close contact with each other. For example, at the checkout sections of your shop or in reception areas.

These desktop sanitiser stations can also be wall mounted if required.

Automatic Hands-Free Sanitising Stations

Our hands-free sanitising station reduces the requirement to touch the units altogether. The anti-bacterial gel is automatically dispensed as the user puts their hand beneath the unit.

This completely hands free process ensures hygiene is kept to the highest standards within your premises.

Multi-Use Hand Sanitising Stations

We have a variety of hand sanitising stations that can hold more than just sanitiser. Some units contain extra compartments for bins, tissue and glove dispensers.

Why choose Marler Haley?

We are the leading UK supplier of portable hand sanitiser stations, having supplied units for businesses all over the country.

Every customer can expect:

  • Dedicated account management
  • High quality hand sanitising stations
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Custom solutions for bespoke requirements
  • Fast turnaround times for tight deadlines

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