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Bespoke Sneeze Screens

Bespoke Sneeze Screens

Looking to install a permanent, long lasting social distancing screen for your premises? Our bespoke sneeze screens are fully custom made to measure to suit your area of use perfectly.

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Bespoke social distancing screens

Making employees feel safe in their office environment is an important part of getting businesses and the economy back on track. For most, providing hand sanitising stations for hygiene and Coronavirus signage for information is relatively easy to achieve.

However, social distancing in offices and areas where space is restricted can be difficult. Desks, tables and counters can vary in size, so finding the right screen to suit can prove a challenge.

While our standard range of counter, table or desk social distancing screens offers an ideal choice for creating physical boundaries between staff and team members in the workplace. Sometimes more bespoke sneeze screens will be needed to suit your requirements.

With social distancing looking likely to stay for the long term, custom sneeze screens are becoming increasingly popular.

Custom sneeze screen concepts

Our product development team have created a range of concepts designed to suit various applications. Please see them below:

- Office screen layout
- Click and collect screen
- Voting booth
- Testing station with self-sanitising anti-microbial fabric

office sneeze screens
click and collect sneeze screen
testing station sneeze screen
voting booth screen

Creating your custom sneeze screens

We can provide a variety of wipe down finishes including Foamex or Acrylic, dependant on the need for visibility.

We also have a self-sanitising fabric solution that can be printed with a custom design. Our self-sanitising fabrics are covered with a antimicrobial coating which has been tested to be 99.99% effective against SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 causing virus.

All options will deliver a long term and more durable solution designed to protect individuals and encourage more people back to the workplace.

If you have a requirement for custom sneeze screens, we will firstly need to understand your requirements:

  • - Where will you be using the sneeze screen?
  • - Size of screen that is required?
  • - Dimensions of desks/area of use?
  • - Does it need to have clear or printed panels?
  • - Will this screen serve a particular purpose? (i.e. a click and collect station)

Contact us today

If you are looking to get bespoke sneeze screens please get in touch by completing the form below, calling us or using our live chat system.

Once we have all the necessary information, our product design team will create the initial plans and concept for your custom sneeze screen. You will have the opportunity to feedback on the design and discuss any changes required if needed.

Please attach any supporting material (image, document, PDF) you may have that will help us with your enquiry. We recommend files up to 5mb to be attached.
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