Public Sector Display Stands

If you work for Government services and are looking for a display, then we’d recommend our display board bundle kit. We find that the public sector loves this display as it provides versatility to update message regularly.

Display board bundle kit

People working in the public sector usually require semi-permanent displays for campaign based activity, for awareness raising as well as for information messages.

Our panel board bundle kit provides the versatility to display a lot of information in a freestanding display, while being able to change these messages on a frequent basis. This allows for new posters and messages to be created without the cost of purchasing new display boards.
If you work for a Government funded organisation and can provide a copy of an official Purchase Order form, then you can pay on credit, with a 30 day payment term if you so wish. This service is only available to the public sector.

7 Panel folding display board system

Our 7 panel folding display boards are great as a free-standing display. With a choice of 14 different colours, you can choose your preferred colour to match your brand or interior. Covered in expoloop fabric which is Velcro-friendly, simply attach messages using hook fasteners which can be attached to the back of your posters.

Literature stand

If you are providing an information service, then you may also wish to provide leaflets for people to take home further information, or to take an action after they’ve seen your display. Using a literature holder will help to keep your leaflets and flyers neat and tidy without supervision. Our fabric leaflet holder can also roll up and stored in a handy carrycase when not being used.

Benefits of choosing a complete package

Choosing a combined kit is a cost effective solution to exhibiting and in this particular case can save you £25 as compared to purchasing elements individually with Marler Haley.

If you’d prefer to pick and mix your own perfect display, talk to us on <adinsight number> about your exhibiting needs.

Our display board bundle kit comprises of:

  • 1 x 7 panel folding display board system
  • 1 x LS22 Fold up fabric leafletholder