Cafe and Queue Barriers

Cafe and Queue Barriers
A stylish solution for café and queue barriers

Queue barriers

Keep customers in line with our range of queue barriers or section off an area smartly with our café barriers, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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Café and queue barriers

Nobody likes queuing, but you can make it as orderly and stress-free as possible for your customers with our range of queue barriers.

Or why not section off an area outside your pub, restaurant or café with our smart café barriers? You can add a banner with your business logo or a promotional message to attract passing custom.

Pedestrian queue barrier

For businesses or events with larger crowds, pedestrian queue barriers are perfect for keeping people in line.

We offer a superbly-designed selection of pole rope and retractable tape barrier systems. All are durable, simple to use, and look great all day long.

Our pedestrian queue barriers are ideal for a wide variety of locations including events, art galleries and museums.

Pole and rope barrier

Our pole and rope barriers offer the ideal pedestrian guidance system. Make the barrier as long as you wish by adding units and select from a range of eye-catching styles.

The poles, with a weighted and sturdy base, come in a chrome or an attractive black finish, whatever suits your foyer or entrance best. The ropes can be red, blue or black – the red gives a nice VIP impression.

Rope attaches to the poles with a simple hook fastening, and it all takes next to no time to put together and pack away again. Our rope barriers system is flexible because you can move the bases easily and change the layout.

Retractable tape barriers

A modern solution to queue management, the retractable tape barrier offers a flexible design for indoor use. If you’ve stood for ages queuing up for airport security, chances are you’ve shuffled through one of these systems.

Each base unit has a 2000mm retractable tape built in, which can be pulled out and fastened to another barrier unit.

With three additional connections available on each barrier, you can create intricate queuing systems to maximise the available space.

Outside sign stand and barrier system

These cone-style stands, filled with water for sturdiness, are used on their own as an information point or linked together with a plastic chain to direct customers or visitors, or section off an area.

It’s easy to change the adhesive vinyl messaging, placed on both sides of the stand.

Café barriers

Our café barrier system offers a stylish way to section off space outside your premises, or perhaps separate an area inside for a VIP or party dining area. The system is modular so you can make your section as big or as small as you like.

Select either a PVC or mesh graphic, perfect for branding with your logo. Print PVC banners are double-sided, while the mesh is one side only. Both are added easily to the café barriers.

The system is easy to move about so you can bring it inside at the end of the working day.

Ask about your café or queue barriers options

To ask about your pedestrian queue barriers requirements, or how our in-house graphics team can help, please call us on 0808 149 4657.