Cafe and Queue Barriers

Cafe and Queue Barriers
Queue management systems

Queue barriers

Create a neat queue and enclose a space with your branded cafe barrier.

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Pedestrian queue barriers

Pedestrian queuing systems are great for keeping people in line and are also often used as separation barriers.

At Marler Haley, we know that creating an orderly queue can sometimes be difficult without some assistance. Our selection of both pole and post and retractable tape barrier systems offer the perfect solution, combining durability, ease of use and visually pleasing finishes.

If you need to corner off an area of space from pedestrian access, then barrier systems could be the product you are looking for. With rope or retractable tape, space can be divided with ease to ensure passersby do not venture into the area. If you’re looking for a luxurious feel, then choose our soft red coloured velvet VIP ropes to impress.

These systems are often used in retail for queue management, as well as at events, art galleries and museums.

Rope and pole barriers

These barriers are the classic solution to guiding people indoors. The ropes attach to the posts with a simple hook fastening, taking only seconds to assemble. They are also light enough to change positions, while remaining sturdy with a wide, flat base unit to remain stable.

Metalwork for rope and pole systems are available in silver or gold finish for a sophisticated look. With soft barrier rope available in red, blue or black there is sure to be a system that will match your needs.

Retractable tape barriers

The retractable barrier is a modern solution to queue management. Each base unit has 2000mm retractable tape inbuilt which can be pulled out and fastened to another barrier unit with ease. With three additional connections available on each barrier, you can create a number of queuing system combinations by connecting them together.

Available in a number of colours, you can create a number of stunning combinations to provide the perfect queuing solution for your needs.

If you are unsure of how many barriers or ropes you will need, or want to discuss these products further, then please call us on 0808 149 4657 where we will be happy to assist you.