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Branded Planters

Create contemporary café barriers and walls with our range of branded planters.

Made from premium joinery grade timber with a 15 year guarantee, our bespoke planters are available in a range of sizes and styles.

Choose from unbranded, branded, natural or painted options to suit your style.

See our range below. For bespoke requirements or additional information, please call us today on 0800 072 7742.


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Branded trough planters  

Our new range of Branded Planters are extremely versatile, robust and long lasting – making them ideal for use in commercial settings:

  • Restaurants and cafe planters
  • Schools and universities
  • Shopping centres
  • Housing developments

Planters can be used to section off areas or create boundaries, giving protection from the elements and brining the benefits of plants in built up areas.

Wooden commercial planters

All our wooden branded planters are handmade in the UK from responsibly sourced, premium joinery grade timber.

The timber is pressure treated to prevent against rot, decay and fungal attack. Our planters also come with a 15 year guarantee on the timber for peace of mind.

Each wooden planter is delivered fully assembled as standard. Although we can provide a flat pack option if necessary. Due the robust nature of our planters they may be planted with plants or trees.

Planter branding options

We offer set sizes we consider the ‘standard’ on our range of planters, but as they are handmade, we can also custom make them to your requirements.

As standard each planter is available in a natural rustic finish with its 15 year guarantee. Of course, maintenance of the natural wooden planter is easy as it does not need to be painted or varnished.

If you would like to align your planter to your overall branding, surroundings or just to match your brand,  you can choose from stain treatments or premium paint finishes. This will be performed by our expert paint team.

Stains available as a light oak, cedar or chestnut. Our premium paint can be matched to a RAL number so that we can create as close a match to your brand as possible.  

Each planter can be customised with your logo using a laser cut stencil and a one colour spray.

Bistro cafe planter barriers:  

A popular option is to pair the planters with a mixture of café barriers. A cross bar will connect the two together as it is fixed to the planter.

This option offers added flexibility, as the graphics can be customised in full colour with your designs – ideal for advertising special offers or custom information. 

Portable branded planters:

If you would like ease of use relocating your branded planters, castors can be added.

We supply and fit weight rated castors that make moving the planter extremely easy. The castors have black rubber wheels for added durability.

The price of adding castors includes the modification and reinforcement to the base of the planter to take the castors.

Trough lining:

To ensure the best environment for your plants and maintain the life of the trough, each planter is lined with 300 micron eco-DPM liner on the vertical walls along with a permeable membrane in the bottom to allow for drainage.

Why choose Marler Haley for commercial branded planters?

Our custom branded planters are made to last. Along with the highest quality, you can also expect from us:

  • Range of branding options to suit
  • Custom planter shapes and sizes on request
  • 15 year timber guarantee
  • Dedicated account management

Looking for more information? Call a member of the team today or use our live chat system during working hours to find out more.