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Personalised Business Stationery

Branded Stationery with your logo

Looking for branded business stationery to reinforce your messages to potential customers? Make your life easier by buying your marketing displays and stationery under one roof with Marler Haley.

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Company Branded Stationery

When it comes to making the best impression to your prospective clients, branded stationery is a great choice.

Here are three reasons why you need to be using printed stationery:

1. To boost your networking

Using business cards is a great way of sharing your contact details with prospective customers or peers at events.

As well as the way you act, the folder you hand over portrays the professionalism of your business and helps to set the tone for what your business is all about.

Carefully consider the design of any stationery that you’re going to hand out to make sure that it matches your brand as it’s likely to help reinforce the impressions you want to make about your business. It should be an instant classic and be designed to last to use for multiple events to increase your ROI and reduce wastage.

2. To increase repeat business

Printed leaflets and posters provide a great way of grabbing people’s attention to remind them about special offers, your range or events that are coming up.

Adding some leaflets into a holder in your retail environment or reception area could help to increase the chance of repurchase to increase lifetime value of a customer.

If you are at an event, popping a leaflet into the bag will help people to recall and possibly get them to buy again.

3. To gain new business

You have very limited time at an exhibition or conference to express the key elements of your business.

Some people may not have the time to hear – or remember – why they should choose your brand to work with. A well thought through leaflet can communicate your USP’s or wider range and allow people to recall in details your business after the event, often during a time when they are reviewing the day’s activities.

4. To be remembered

Have you ever met a representative from a company but couldn’t remember their brand name?

Branded stationery helps to increase brand recall, especially if it’s an item that they’ll use time and time again such as a pen or promotional item.

If people already know your business and what you do, then they’re far more likely to purchase from you in the future than people making a blind purchase.

Are you going the extra mile to match your event campaign branding?

When you have an event, the likelihood is that you’ll be using roller banners and pop up stands to help get attention from passers-by. You’ll carefully think about what design can get attention, but you may then choose to not use printed literature to leave a lasting impression.

By having personalised stationery to reinforce your brand messages, you’ll be far more likely to leave a lasting positive impression on your business.

Choosing a supplier who can design and print both your banner stands and printed literature can make sure that you have:

  • A complimentary design that will make you look professional
  • An easier work-life by only having one supplier to contact
  • One delivery charge
  • Cheaper design costs.

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