Large format printing capabilities

At Marler Haley, we only use the very best techniques to ensure a high quality finish for all of the products we produce. Find out more about our in-house printing techniques below or call us on 0808 159 2187 to find out how we can help create your perfect large format printed display.

Ultraviolet Printing (Direct to substrate)

Using our Ultraviolet (UV) printing techniques, we are able to print onto rigid panels up to 2.5m x 3m wide and up to 50mm thick. We also print onto flexible rolls up to 3.2m wide.

Printing using this technique means that our prints do not need to be protected by an over-laminate which reduces the curl often seen on roller banner stands.

The resulting prints are also durable for outdoor use and are fade resistant.

Vivid 6 colour prints are also used with this technique for enhanced skin tones and for matching a wider range of Pantone colours, providing you with high quality images.

Dye Sublimation Heat Transfer (Fabric Graphics)

We use dye sublimation to print fabrics, which presses the ink directly into the fabric, rather than a transfer on the top. This gives an image quality that has outstanding colour, vibrancy and sharpness that is unrivalled.

Dye Sublimation Heat TransferThe resulting printed fabrics are highly durable while maintaining its softness unlike ‘direct to textile’ printing. Printing on fabric also allows you to wash your display to keep it clean!

Compared to other substrates, printing on fabric provides a lightweight solution to display and as such can cost less to transport.

Flatbed Laser Trimming

Our 3.6 x 9 metre vacuum flatbed trimmer allows us to create more challenging graphics, matching cut to print.

Its optical eye reads multiple registration marks on pre-printed media to obtain accurate contour cutting.

This process allows us to guarantee a consistent quality and accuracy for all of our display products through its high speed trimming, routing, scoring, creasing, engraving, laser trimming and sealing of fabrics.

Meeting your printing needs

We care about our printing techniques as they help us to provide you with stunning high-quality printed displays.

We are also proud to say that we conform to the highest environmental standards. As such, we never print using harmful solvent-based compounds and only use the very best materials.

If you’re looking for large format printing for banners, canvases, pop up displays, or other displays, then we’re here to help! You do not need to know which format your display needs to be printed on, just tell us what you need and we will do the rest. Browse through our printed display products, or call us on 0808 159 2187 to discuss your requirements in more detail.