Join the Queue…

Joining queues is what us Brits love best. It doesn’t matter what it’s for, but we are certainly good at it. But without some form of barrier, you’ll find that queues can cause pandemonium as they branch out into streams of people.

To stop such a catastrophe from happening to you, use a pedestrian barrier system.

Barriers provide a great solution for defining queuing areas, or for cornering off areas from passersby.

Retractable tape barrier

Retractable Tape BarrierYou would have seen and used these sorts of barrier if you’ve ever spent some time in an airport or shop queue.

Each base unit has a 2m roll of coloured tape that can be pulled out of the unit and fastened to another base to create a line. With three additional fasteners available for each base unit, a number of configurations can be created, including complex labyrinths that you often find in airport terminals!

They’re perfect if you need to organise a big queue. They also can be stored neatly, as the tape rolls back into the base unit!

Our new, extended range of retractable barriers come in a selection of base colours, including black, silver and gold. The tapped webbing also comes in black, grey or red, which allows you to create your own professional looking queuing system.

Top tip:

– Make your guests feel like a VIP by choosing a stunning looking gold base and red tape.

Rope and pole barrier

Rope and PostOur MH Guide system is the classic look of pedestrian barriers, and is often seen for VIP areas and in museums to deter you touching precious artefacts or models. This system uses a fabric rope that can casually hang from two posts. As the rope is not permanently attached to the base unit, it is fastened using a hook.

They’re perfect if you need to define an ‘out of bounds’ area, or if you want to create a VIP area!

Ropes for this system are available in red,  blue or black with base unit available in either silver or gold.

Top tip:

– Remember to account for the swing when buying your rope and pole systems – although the rope is 1.5m long it will only be this length when straight!