How can QR Codes be Used Within Portable Displays?

QR codes have been around for a while now, they have been utilised by several large brands, such as Marks & Spencers and Innocent. The question is what are they and how could you use them within portable displays.

QR codes are a series of black and white squares which hold pre programmed information. This information could include:-
1. Contact details – the details go straight into a users contacts
2. Special offer
3. A URL – a specific URL on your website or just your website

The_Peterborough_Big_Band_Roller_Banner_Graphic_with_QR_codeAny visitor with a smart phone and a QR code reader on their phone can simply and easily take a snap of your QR code and their phone does the rest, preventing them from having to write any information down.

Creating a QR code is simple, there are a number of websites that offer the service free of charge. Those that charge generally offer increased functionality such as tracking. You will then be given an image of your QR code.

Once you have your QR code all you have to do is integrate it within your design. Make sure you test your code before you submit your design to ensure that it is working correctly.

Here you can see how John at The Peterborough Big Band Incorporated a QR code into their roller banner design, allowing visitors to capture their website address.

Alleyne’s High School used QR codes within an outdoor PVC banner. They had 3 messages, 1 contact details, 1 a web address and 1 was an email address requesting more information about the school.

Alleynes' High school use QR codes within a PVC outdoor banner

Let us know if you have used a QR code within any portable displays and if you would advise other people to do the same.