Exhibitions are organised so that businesses can showcase their latest products, services and opportunities. Usually industry specific, trade shows are either ‘public’ and open for all to attend or they’re ‘trade only’ meaning that only select people, professionals or the press, for example, have access.

Top Pick

When attending an event you will likely been given some space to fill with your own display.

We recommend the Exhibition Stand Kit 1. The perfect starter kit, this includes a 3×3 Veloce curved pop up display, a Bigscreen II roller banner stand and an LS25 acrylic leaflet holder. This will fit nicely into a 2×3 or 3x3m exhibition stand space and will definitely help you stand out in a sea of exhibitors.


An Exhibition…

  • Is a fantastic way to show off your latest products, release prototypes, services and opportunities.
  • Can target businesses, consumers, or both.
  • Is a great way to meet people in the industry.

We offer three main options when it comes to display equipment:

  • Modular Displays – These displays fit within both a space only and shell scheme stand. Available in a range of sizes and shapes such as 3×2 U-shaped and an L-shaped 3×4, modular displays are a great way to display your own branding.
  • Shell Scheme Graphics – Lightweight and made to fit within your shell scheme stand, shell scheme panels easily attach to the display with a range of fixings such as hook fasteners and magnetic tape.
  • Freestanding Displays – Freestanding displays cover a range of products including pop up stands, literature stands, and pre- made kits. Whether you decide to use your freestanding displays by themselves in your space or use them with your modular display or shell scheme graphics, this is another great way to promote you brand.

10 Things to Remember when Exhibiting…

  1. Set objectives regarding how to prioritise (and follow up with) clients… and stick to them!
  2. Appoint members of your team to particular aspects of the event to minimise stress and to ensure a smooth running event.
  3. Make sure your staff are completely aware of your brand culture, attitude and everything in between. Your hosts are an extension of your brand. They must be on their game.
  4. Give visitors a reason to stop and visit your stand. Whether you’re using entertainment or freebies make sure your brand is being represented well.
  5. Give them a reason to stay and become a potential client. Offer them free WiFi as a thank you for stopping by or why not let them test your product out?
  6. Choose your display equipment wisely and don’t overfill your space. Have just enough on display to inform and intrigue. Whet the visitor’s appetite.
  7. Your display design could well be make or break. For example, make sure your chosen colours blend together and co-ordinate with your brand and make sure your logo can be seen from afar.
  8. Be social! Before, during and after the event, appoint somebody on your team to keep an eye on all of your social channels to promote, interact, and answer any questions about the event.
  9. Be prepared for every possible outcome. Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! (Benjamin Franklin)
  10. Have fun!