Displays, Fun and Games at Amusement and Leisure Show

“I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy this exhibition” said my husband before he set off to the EAG International 2014 in London.

This statement saddened me a little as I know how hard exhibitors work to make their stands fun and engaging in an effort to increase their ROI. But I’m sure he’s not the first person to huff and puff before attending an exhibition. I let him off for this as it was his first ever exhibition, having somehow managed to rebut my requests to come to the National Wedding Show and multiple craft show that I had already been to.

Working in the exhibition stand industry, I was keen to hear his insight into what he thought of it as a ‘newbie’ and which sort of displays he was attracted and repelled by.

First thoughts                                                   

Amusement and Leisure Show 2014

After the initial trepidation of what was to come, he soon realised that it was impossible not to have fun at this exhibition. See, what he didn’t tell me before was that the EAG exhibition showcases the latest arcade games, toys and slot machines from manufacturers such as SEGA. How he thought for a millisecond that he couldn’t possibly enjoy himself is beyond me.

Most of the displays at this exhibition were tailored around the latest games including Batman racing to kiddie rides and ‘grabber’ prizes such as Despicable Me Minions (unfortunately, these were not being given out as freebies!). As most of the visitors were potential buyers for their own establishments or chain of establishments, it was of course only fair to spend most of the day playing on these games for free.

Best exhibition stands

A few stands impressed by their use of space. This included thoughtful placement of their games or merchandise, which is vital to entice people on-stand to find out more. This was then complemented by large eyeleted banners banner stands to display branding.

Disappointing displays

When asked about the quality of the displays, banners and backdrops, he said that he was quite disappointed by the looks of some. Some stands did not seem to make any effort to entice visitors in, with no displays and only loose leaflets. These stands did not entice him to investigate further for this reason.

He said that he felt that some exhibitors also seemed to heavily rely on their (literally) flashy products to do most of the talking, rather than the surrounding display. Of course, it is difficult to gain this balance without creating a stand that looks visually overpowering, but displays should act as a support, rather than detracting attention away from your attractions.

Even though he played on lots of machines and games (much to his delight), he said that very few exhibitors made any effort to speak to him about their products. This was definitely a missed opportunity for the exhibitors who could have lost a potential lead or sale through not engaging with visitors on-stand.

Taking your gaming seriously

For an industry that prides itself on eye-catching displays and stunning graphics, I was surprised to hear about the quality of some of these displays at this event.

When it only takes a split second for somebody to make a decision about whether to talk to an exhibitor, it’s important to make sure that all of your elements on stand work together to drive your ROI.

This means making sure that your graphic displays have a symbiotic relationship with your stand attractions – they should work to complement each other and not compete for attention. Exhibitors should then be proactive and engage with visitors on-stand. Getting this right can improve the chance of making an all-important lead or a sale. This will also increase brand presence and reputation and leave you with a smile on your face.

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