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Infill Panel Strips

Infill Panel Strips

Slip in inserts covered one side in single sided Expoloop fabric or graphic.


To customise your Infill Panel Strips Multiscreen Acessory why not use our expert graphic design team who can create graphics for you

Fabric Panel Versions

  • Covered in Expoloop fabric
  • Compatible with Marler Haley Dots & Dash
  • Download your Fabric-Swatch

Available Sizes

A0 Expoloop Fabric £ 3.00
A0 Plain PVC Foamboard £2.00
A0 Graphic Infill £8.00

A1 Expoloop Fabric £2.50
A1 Plain PVC Foamboard£1.50
A1 Graphic Infill £4.00

A3 Expoloop Fabric £2.00
A3 Plain PVC Foamboard £1.50
A3 Graphic Infill £2.00

AR Internal Expoloop Fabric £4.00
AR Internal Plain PVC Foamboard £3.00
AR Internal Graphic Infill £6.00

AR External Expoloop Fabric £4.00
AR External Plain PVC Foamboard £3.00
AR External Graphic Infill £6.00