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Lockable Notice Boards

Lock up your notices

Secure your messages with our lockable, wall mounted display cases which can be used indoors and outdoors.

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Lockable display boards for offices

Have you ever had a message on a notice board mysteriously disappear or vandalised in a school or an office?

We know that this can become increasingly frustrating for those that are trying to display the messages for all to see. Our range of lockable notice boards can help to keep those pesky office staff moustache drawings to a minimum!

Our tamperproof notice boards come with either a single, or a double polycarbonate door depending on the size of the board and with a choice of either blue or grey felt finish backboard to attach your information to.

We would always recommend using hook fasteners to attach your messages to your notice board instead of pins as pins can cause permanent damage.

Lockable outdoor display cases

Restaurants will often use lockable display cases to advertise their menu outside their premises.

As well as keeping your menus dry, it can help to draw the eye from afar if kept in a menu case.

With our outdoor weather friendly display, you can secure your changing menu in minutes using magnets to attach your paper.

With a lit option available, you can even make sure that your display can be seen at night.