6 Panel Aluminium Folding Kit

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  • Lead time approx. 6 weeks
  • 6 panel folding kit
  • Aluminium frame
  • One person assembly
  • Takes up minimal storage space
  • Choose from 6 Velcro friendly colours
  • Luxury foam backed loop nylon fabric boards

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Aluminium Framed Folding 6 Panel Kit

Tall, yet sturdy, the 6 Panel Aluminium Folding Kit is a heavy duty display board that would be an ideal addition for your conference or event set up. A freestanding display board has many uses, examples include:
  • Information walls
  • Temporary wall screens
  • Noticeboards
Panels are covered with Velcro friendly fabric, giving the flexibility to update and change your messages on a regular basis. Available in 6 colours. The 6 panel folding kit neatly packs down into the supplied carried bag for secure storage and convenient transportation. Not sure which display board is right for you? Read our Buying Guide. See more displays boards here.

Price and size

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  6 panel kit
Assembled approx height 2100mm
Assembled approx width 1800mm
Number of panels 6
Individual panel height 900mm
Individual panel width 600mm
Number of header panels 1
Individual header height 300mm
Individual header width 600mm
Weight 12kg

Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Product use

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Perfect for small events, conferences, and seminars the 6 Panel Aluminium Kit packs down neatly into the supplied carry bag. Save space and time when transporting this display between events.
Our 6 panel kit also makes great notice or portable information boards for offices!

Set up

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1. Take the panel system out of the transport case.
2. Use the first set of folding aluminium panels with connecting clips and open out the structure to create a freestanding unit – ensure the connecting clips are at the top of the display.
3. Lift the second set of three folding panels and slot into place over the first and push to secure in place.
4. Fit the header panel to the top central panel and push into place.

See instructional diagram here.

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