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iPad Podium Stand

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  • iPad Podium Plinth Stand

    Our iPad Podium Stand provides a secure solution to displaying your iPad with a handy podium space to give an area to write down notes, or perhaps to store business cards or leaflets for visitors to take away with them.

    With a single column, this display takes up little floor space but is heavy enough to not risk being knocked over accidently.

    This iPad stand is compatible with iPad 2,3,4, iPad Air 1 and 2.

    The iPad enclosure can be tilted, rotated and swivelled independently to display your iPad the way you need it. This means that you can use your iPad either horizontally or vertically.

    To keep your iPad safe while it’s in use on the stand, a fascia is used to enclose your tablet to the column which allows the screen to still be used but with the iPad secured.

    With in-built cable management, you also don’t need to worry about battery life as you can charge both iPads while they’re plugged into a mains supply.

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    iPad Podium Stand£317.0015
    iPad Podium Stand Plus Case (+£129.00)£446.0024


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    Standard production time: 2-3 days.

    Prices exclude VAT.

  • Our iPad Podium Stand is great to use as a kiosk or information point when you need additional space to sore/display literature, or room to write short notes or lead generation forms.

    Whether you’re using it to show a video on a loop to reinforce your brand messages or as a kiosk to provide people with more in depth information on the products and services you offer is up to you!

    1. Position base plate over 8-way post and align the 4 off foxing holes to threads of post. Insert and tighten the 4 off-base plate screws to secure.
    2. Feed power cable through the centre of the post.
    3. Plug power cord into USB Power Adaptor (supplied with Apple iPad)
    4. Unlock iPad enclosure by inserting key and rotating quarter turn. Return key to original position to remove.
    5. Lift fascia out of enclosure and gently press charging cable (supplied with Apple iPad) into retaining moulding, allowing 10cm to remain “free” at charge/sync connector end.
    6. Feed USB end of charger cable through the middle of the enclosure below the pin so it protrudes from the bottom of support column.
    7. Plug the cable into the USB Power adapter.
    8. Position mains cable into the internal post and slide in so that the USB head of charger cable is below the upper edge of the post
    9. Align first 2 holes of the iPad holder to the threads of the post. Insert and tighten screws to secure. Rotate iPad holder through 90o aligning remaining 2 holes to threads of post. Insert and tighten screws to secure.
    10. Plug charger cable into iPad and place inside the enclosure, gently press all 4 corners of the iPad down into the mouldings to hold.
    11. Replace fascia and press lock button to secure.
    12. Move iPad in enclosure to your preferred orientation, tilt and rotation.
Price From


£380.40 including VAT

iPad Podium Stand 0 0
iPad Podium Stand
  • Compatible with iPad 2,3,4, iPad Air 1 and 2
  • Available in textured black or white
  • Continuous iPad power supply when connected to mains
  • Table height 1014mm
  • Available in textured black or white
  • Optional moulded wheeled trolley case
  • Standard production time: 2-3 days

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