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iPad Stands

Secure your tablet

iPad and tablet holders are great to keep your device safe, secure and at an accessible height to be used by potential customers.

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iPad Display Stands & Holders

In a busy environment, when you want to use your iPad to display safely, then using a holder is a great solution to secure it in place. See our full range of displays above, or read more about how you can use iPad stands to their full potential at exhibitions below:

Top 5 uses for digital displays at exhibitions:

1. Lead generation forms

Instead of collecting information on paper forms, why not use your tablet and an app to note leads and sales? This will save manually inputting information when you get back to the office!

2. Interactive website

It’s not always possible to show off all of your products and services to visitors, so having your iPad on your stand and access to the internet will allow you to show people specific products that they might be interested in to nail that sale.

3. Portfolio

Use a slideshow to showcase your portfolio that people can view and engage with. This can help to affirm the quality of products/services you provide, as well as provide ideas for how you could help them.

4. Videos

Videos will always help to catch people’s eyes – if you have any engaging videos then having this on-stand will help gain visitors and provide you with the opportunity to engage with them.

5. Surveys/digital engagement

If you want to conduct a survey at your exhibition for market research purposes or to create infographics etc, then using your iPad can negate the need for paper forms and allow easy analysis afterwards.

Keeping your iPad safe on stand

Now that you’ve decided that you want to take your iPad, you’ll want to make sure it can stay safe, without being accidentally dropped or go missing. With our iPad stands, your Apple tablet will stay safe as it is locked into an enclosure.

Free standing or mountable stand?

We provide two options for tablet stands, freestanding and mountable.

Freestanding ipad stand

Our freestanding iPad stands provide a perfect way of locking your tablet into an enclosure at your exhibition or in a shop and can even be secured to the floor.

These displays are perfect if you want your visitors to engage with your iPad on their own. This is a great option to display videos, portfolios and surveys.

Mountable iPad enclosures

If you’re looking to browse your iPad with your visitors, then our mountable enclosures are a great choice. They can be mounted to tables, desktops, counters and walls. With its 360 degree rotation and ability to tilt, you can use it to browse your website with clients and to take their details.

This enclosure is great for adding leads and sales to your tablet when fixed to a counter. Or, fix to a wall in retail environments, museums or reception areas to provide videos and other interactive elements.

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