Buttonwood Marketing Limited - Uganda 2010
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MH Genesis


Photo of the posters being used at a charity bag pack in a supermarket.Several people commented that the posters looked very professional Many thanks for your help

Graham Meller
Buttonwood Marketing Limited – Uganda 2010


We thought this was a brilliant charity and just had to get involved. we discounted the banner prices for them so their fund raising efforts could get a boost with a professional look.

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Date of trip: August 2010 – Richard Laverick (who is Director, Corporate Responsibility at ADAS has recently returned from a 19 day trip to Uganda working with school and youth development projects in Mengo, a slum district of Kampala and in the Sesse Islands in Lake Victoria. Organised through Equipe, the trip involved teaching in church and state schools; providing repair and maintenance work to school buildings and helping to clear a banana plantation in the islands.