Portable Pop Up Display Stands Buyers Guide

Pop up display stands are ideal for creating professional backdrops and displays at events, exhibitions and shows that make your stand eye catching and inviting. The aim of this guide is to show you how easy it can be to purchase a pop up display stand, how versatile they are and that they will create impact time after time.

Assembling your Pop Up Display Stand

Before we start to discuss the great benefits of the  we thought we would start by showing you just how easy they are to put together. They can be put up and taken down by one person in under 30 minutes. See our How to video.

Pop Up Display Stand How to Video

Now you know how simple pop up display stands are to assemble here are some other things to consider.

Shapes and Sizes of Pop Up Display Stands

Pop up display stands can be used to create a straight or curved display. Sizes can be flexible to suit your needs, you can even join several units together to create an even more impressive stand.

Material Used on Your Pop Up Display Stand

There are 3 options for your pop up panels; printed PVC graphics, printed fabric or Velcro friendly fabric. Velcro friendly fabric create a great backdrop in its own right or it can be brought to life with your own imagery, in addition it is a slightly cheaper option. Printed fabrics can be washed and ironed to keep them looking fresh.

Connecting Your Graphic to Your Pop Up Display Stand

There are 3 ways to connect your panels to your pop up display stand; magnetic strips, hook and eye or Velcro. PVC graphics, prelude and fabric panels are attached with magnetic strips. Printed fabric graphics can be attached with hook and eye or Velcro where the material that is already attached to the frame, in this instance when the frame is packed away the graphic remains attached to the frame. The choice of attachment is dependent upon which material your choose for your pop up display stand.

Accessories for Pop Up Display Stands

A pop up display stand will generally come with a carry case to make transporting and storing your pop up stand easy. In some instances the carry case can be converted into a display counter by wrapping a graphic around the outside of the case and attaching a counter top, ensuring a professional finish.

Lights can be attached to your display stand creating even more impact, keep your eye out to see if display lights are included within the kit. If you are displaying a lot of literature then consider a portable leaflet holder, several types are available so they can easily be coordinated to fit in with your overall display.

Getting the Imagery Right for your Pop Up Display Stand

The key benefit of a pop up display stand is the size of the display, giving a real impact. Understanding how to turn your brand and messaging into an impressive display can sometimes be difficult. If this is your first time using a pop up display stand we would recommend seeking professional help in pulling together your message. A variety of agencies can provide a graphics design service, all you have to do is provide them with your objectives and they can do the rest.