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Custom Canvas Design

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Free Canvas Design Tool
Our free to use online artwork creator tool puts you in the driving seat when designing your canvas. If you feel that you need more assistance when creating your canvas then please talk to us using our on-site chat facility or talk to us on 0808 159 2184.

Canvas sizes
If you are looking for a particular sized canvas then look no further! We have a variety of square and rectangular sized canvases to suit most needs. If you have a specific size in mind which isn’t listed, talk to us about our custom sized canvases.

Design styles
We provide you with flexibility when designing your canvas, whether you want a full photo to be printed, collages or are looking for a coloured border – we can make it! If you have something more unique in mind, call us to talk about your requirements as we can tailor a custom designed canvas for your specific needs.

How to design a canvas
Below is a brief guide to explain how simple it is to design your canvas.

  • Browse our catalogue by size, or by design depending on your needs. Don’t worry, both have our full catalogue of sizes and designs, so you won’t miss out on a particular design by choosing by style, or by size.
  • Once you’ve chosen your perfect canvas style and size, upload your image(s), making sure they are in a high resolution as possible to make sure your print quality is great.
  • Click ‘Add to Basket’ to purchase!

You can also log into the system to save your design if you’d prefer to save your design for later.