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WF2 Flower

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WF4 Makeup Brushes

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WF8 Makeup Brushes

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WF9 Makeup Brushes

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WF3 Insert Own Image Pink

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WF1 Nailpolish

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WF2 Nail Polish

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WF4 Nail Polish

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WF4 Face

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WF7 Nail polish

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WF7 Hairdressing

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WF7 Face in Colour

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We have a selection of stunning beauty and hairdressing banner designs

Whether your focus is hair, beauty or make-up, we have a selection of designs that will help you promote your products and services. Will you be exhibiting or reaching out to people in a retail environment? Grab the attention of future clientele with one of these designs.
Alternatively, these banners work well in salon reception areas and would definitely grab the attention of existing clients as they wait for their treatment.

Not only do these designs provide the perfect blend of design and information but they’re simple and elegant.
If you love the design but need to make a minor tweak, don’t hesitate to let us know as we’re more than happy to help.

Are these designs nice but not quite what you desire? We have other banner options that might suit you better and we also offer a graphic design service.
Call us on 0808 149 4663 or talk to us on live chat now and we’ll work with you to make sure that your banner is exactly as you want it.