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  • Free-Standing Self-Test Booth

Free-Standing Self-Test Booth

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The COVID free-standing self testing booth is sturdy, lightweight and easy to assemble, thanks to its slot together design. The testing booth is made up of two back-to-back bays, each complete with a mirror, for assistance with testing, and an automatic sanitiser unit for cleanliness.

This booth is designed to be installed against a wall, however two booths can be installed back to back, to create a four bay testing station.

Waste bin not included - Rapid SARS-Cov2 Antigen tests are classed as hazardous waste under EWC Code:18 01 07 and must be stored and disposed of correctly by law.

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  • Easy set up, and perfect for locating in side rooms or reception areas
  • Easy to keep clean, sanitised and ready for re-use, thanks to a wipe-clean PVC construction
  • Double-sided booth with two testing bays, complete with mirrors to aid with testing, and automatic sanitiser for cleaning afterwards.
  • Customisable - the graphic area can be customised if you require.

Constructed Height 2000mm
Constructed Width 1400mm
Constructed Depth 800mm

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