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Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard Menu Signs

Our range of chalkboard signs are perfect for pubs, cafes and small retail stores. Advertise your daily specials or inform passers-by with your custom messages with our range of chalkboard signs.

See the range below or get in touch with us today on 0800 072 7742 for more information.

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Chalkboard Signs

Large or small chalkboard signs make ideal displays for retail outlets. Not only are they portable and capable of being placed anywhere inside or outside the premises, but they’re designed to be used time and time again.

Change your message as often as you choose, using natural chalk or the cleaner-looking liquid chalk pens – which are easier to use and don’t create messy chalk dust.

Perhaps you’re looking for pub chalkboards to create daily promotions or highlight selections from your menu? Or maybe you’d prefer to write amusing or inspirational quotes on an A frame chalkboard.

Who uses chalkboard signs?

Chalkboard displays are sutable for any retail operation, but especially pubs, bars, eateries, restaurants and cafes, for:

  • Chalkboard menus
  • Food and drink promotions
  • Specials boards
  • Events
  • Personal greetings

Small independent shops or salons also find them useful. Example usage of outside A-frame chalkboards might be:

  • Displaying the day’s open appointment slots
  • Highlighting new stock just in
  • Showing off sale items
  • Advertising forthcoming events

Types of chalkboard signs?

We’ve got a wide selection of chalkboard signs to suit your every need. Our selection includes:

  • Tabletop chalkboards, ideal for table reservations, special offers or personalised greetings. Available in multiple sizes and base colours. Select from the smallest 100mm x 140mm mini tabletop board right up to the A4 tabletop chalkboard.
  • Mini easel chalkboards offer an artistic look to a dining table, or perhaps to add bespoke information to a display in a boutique or bookshop?
  • Wall-mounted chalkboards, with flat or round frames, ideal if you have a lack of floor space for displaying your offers, particularly popular in pubs and restaurants at the moment as menus and specials boards. Sizes from 300mm x 400mm all the way up to 560mm x 1,700mm.
  • A-frame chalkboards, medium or large sizes, suitable for indoors or out. They come ready assembled with a selection of frame colours and with durable chrome fixtures. Purchase some liquid chalk pens or use normal chalk – all easily wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Fast switch chalkboards are cool if you want to change your message on the go. Simply pull the chalkboard from the stand, turn it around and display another message! Available in large or medium sizes.

How easy is it to write on a chalkboard?

All our chalkboard signs have a smooth surface, making it easy to write in either natural chalk or using liquid chalk pens. Both are highly effective, but we recommend the pens because they are a little easier, the colours are more vibrant and they don’t leave you with chalk dust.

The boards are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, ready for use time and again.

They work best if you have someone on the team with neat handwriting and an artistic flair, of course. If you have the same message you want to display all the time, you might consider hiring a chalkboard artist to work with paint on your sign.

Looking for chalkboard sign inspiration?

Take a look at our recent creation created by Claire using a very simple template transfer method.

How to create your own chalkboard design:


  1. Print off the design you would like to be transferred on to chalkboard.
  2. Using a light coloured chalk, colour in the reverse side of the paper that your design is on.
  3. Stick the piece of paper on to the chalkboard with the chalked side against the chalkboard.
  4. Grab a pencil and draw around the outline of your design.
  5. When done, take the piece of paper off the chalkboard and you will see the outline transferred on to the chalkboard.
  6. Grab a chalk pen and colour in your design.
  7. Once dried just wipe off any excess chalk.

Chalkboard signs with Marler Haley

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • High quality, long lasting frames
  • Easy clean chalkboard laminate panels
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Cheap chalkboards for small budgets
  • Optional liquid chalk pens (that we use ourselves!)

For any custom chalkboard sign requests, or for more information, feel free to call us on 0800 072 7742 or use our live chat system during working hours.