3 ways brands engaged with bloggers at Blog On 2016

Just three months until Christmas and bloggers from around the country came together at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry for a blogging conference called Blog On.

Engaging stands at Blog On

Dressed in festive jumpers, t-shirts, antlers and a few santa-outfits, the theme for this conference was clear: Christmas.

With Christmas being the busiest season for brands that sell toys, festive treats, party supplies and more it’s an important time to engage with bloggers to increase brand awareness.

Here are three ways that brands engaged with bloggers – to get them talking about them during this busy season – with their exhibition stands at the event:

1. Quick and simple engagementCanvas holidays at Blog On

Canvas holidays asked bloggers to write their favourite European destination on a post it note, stick it on a map and take a picture and share it using a dedicated hashtag.

The idea was relevant to their brand being a European camping holidays company. It engaged with visitors desire to travel and gave them a reason to share it on social media – to win a prize of a free holiday.

From the brand’s perspective, getting visitors to share their entries on social media widened the potential reach of their campaign.

Canvas holidays used a display board to attach their branded poster of a map as they needed a sturdy stand that people could interact with.

Why was it so brilliant? It was simple to execute and took little time, skill or dedication from bloggers. They could come up to the stand, talk to the brand, take part then move on within a couple of minutes.  Perfect for a busy day at a conference when you want to visit as many stands as possible.

2. Novelty factor

Silly Sausage at Blog OnA giant sausage attended Blog On. As well as the brand’s mascot for Silly Sausage – a super speedy reaction game – it certainly captured people’s attention. After all, it’s hard to ignore!

This was a great idea of Silly Sausage as it made their brand stand out from the crowd.

When you’re contending with many other exhibitors for a visitor’s attention, anything that goes above and beyond your display to make yourself memorable can really make a difference.

3. Giveaways!

Engaging stands at Blog OnThere’s nothing a blogger loves more than a freebie and interacting with a brand.

Whether it’s testing out a free sample of your product – with the aim that they’ll love it so much they’ll buy it, or write about it – or a small gift such as a cookie, it makes people feel positive about your brand to receive a small gift.

Brands that got it right gave out items such as canvas bags – great when there’s a lot of freebies around the conference to collect that will last longer than a couple of days.

Whatever freebie a brand chooses has to be of good quality – whether it’s a tote bag that will increase the chance of it being used as a future shopping bag for increased brand awareness or a pen that doesn’t run out after its third use.

You can read more tips on how to choose the perfect freebie here.

Did you go to Blog On? What was your favourite stand and why?