Assembling a stand is child’s play

Ever wondered how easy it really is to assemble one of our displays? We’ve all had those moments where we’ve been caught fumbling with a fiddly display that just won’t go together.

But it really is easy when you know how. In fact, we know it’s child’s play. But don’t just take our word for it.

We recruited some children to help us assemble four common displays – a counter, a pop up display, a banner stand and an outdoor flag.

Here they help us to show you how easy assembly is… after you’ve read the instructions.

After all, if a 7-year-old can do it, then you can too!

How to build a counter

Putting together a counter with a graphic wrap couldn’t be simpler. Here’s what Josh and Lila, aged 7 did:

  • Attach the poles to the base unit by tightening into place using the thumb screws.
  • Add the Velcro fastener to the side of one of the poles (this will later be used to secure your graphic wrap in place)
  • Add the counter top and securely screw into place
  • Attach the graphic wrap using the hook and loop fastenings and pull the graphic around the counter top
  • Fasten the loose half of the graphic wrap to the remaining Velcro.

How to build a pop up stand

For the bigger pop up display, we recruited the help of Cameron and Rebecca, aged 10.

  • Pull up the Pop up frame
  • Attached magnetic strips to the bars
  • Using a step ladder, attach the first graphic (from the left) to the top of the stand the magnetic tape on the sides of the graphics secures it in place, take care to make sure the graphics are lined up correctly.
  • Move along to attach the next graphic as you did the last
  • Add the curves last and smooth round the corner of the end of the stand
  • If you have a transportation case that doubles as a counter, then move into place, add the counter top and secure the graphic in place.

How to build a banner stand

Lila and Josh are back to assemble a banner stand!

  • Straighten out the bungee cord pole and secure pole parts in place by gently pushing each section together
  • Add the pole to the banner base
  • Pull the banner graphic out of the base
  • Tip the banner over so that you can pull the graphic to the length of the pole and secure the top of the banner to the pole
  • Twist out the foot for stability.

How to build a flag

Lila is joined by Evie to put together our MH feather flag. Here’s what they did:

  • Attach the flag pole pieces together to create one big pole
  • Thread the open part of the flag material onto the pole and carefully pull down the length of the pole
  • Erect the pole and flag onto the base for support
  • To stop the flag material flying off of the pole, attach the rope fastening through the metal hole of the tension pole and tie securely.


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