Preparing for the Great Outdoors

As well as providing the perfect opportunity to put some fresh air into your lungs, springtime opens up exciting opportunities to advertise your product, charity or business in a different way and to potentially new audiences both at your business and at outdoor events.

Outdoor events

Having a strong and reliable presence outdoors is really important to many businesses and charities.

But attracting a passers-by’s attention in the great outdoors can come with its own issues, especially with crowded events where standard signs may not be appropriate, or where the great British summer has to be contended with.

Proudly flying the flag

When contending with other exhibits, stalls and stands, it’s important that your messages aren’t lost. By choosing a flag for your upcoming event, you can be seen head and shoulders above your competitors with eye-catching designs which engage and draw in a crowd from afar.

Reliable in all weathers

We can also help you to overcome the obstacles of the great outdoors and ensure that your display shines even when the sun doesn’t. With our Marler Haley Outdoor Display range, you’ll be set whatever the weather.

Unlike banners that are designed for indoor use, by filling the outdoor stands with water or sand, or by using the spike to pitch your display, you stand will stay strong.

One reviewer told us: “We purchased two flags from Marler Haley for use at the UK Roads Maintenance and Repair Show, but because of the strong winds only used one. We need not have worried, however, as the ‘water-filled’ weights kept the banner firmly in position. We were more than happy with the exposure they provided for the vehicle we were displaying outside and consider the flags a good investment.”


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