Marler Haley’s Annual Charity Competition

Since 2011 Marler Haley has hosted an annual charity competition. Open to all UK registered charities to help them spread the word about their cause, they have the chance to win £300 worth of vouchers that are valid to use on any of our displays and display accessories.

Charity Comp 2015


Camp Nibble won our first ever competition

Studies have shown that rabbits are the most neglected and cruelly treated pet in the UK and this is what Camp Nibble’s primary focus is: rabbit welfare. Describing itself as a “rabbit rescue and sanctuary”, the charity also provides care and shelter for other neglected, abandoned and abused small animals. Founded in 2009, Camp Nibble is run by Hannah and Stephen.

They chose our table top display board kit which includes a table, fully printed, branded tablecloth and a display board.

Pop ‘N’ Grow won in 2012

Pop ‘N’ Grow started when Paula Smith gave birth to her baby Amelia in 2011. Amelia was moved to a neonatal intensive care unit and Paula was unable to dress her properly because of the tubes and lines. This is where the Pop ‘N’ Grow idea started.
The charity provides clothing made specifically for the neonatal environment making dressing your baby stress free.

Pop ‘N’ Grow chose to purchase a branded tablecloth and two banner stands with their vouchers.

In 2013, The Orpheus Centre won £300 worth of vouchers

Musician and songwriter Sir Richard Stilgoe and neurologist Dr Michael Swallow ran music weeks for disabled people in the mid 90s. Their popularity and effectiveness saw The Orpheus Centre open in 1998 at Sir Richard’s former family home in Godstone, Surrey. Growing from five live-in students to over 25 and with a number of day students attending daily, students are not only motivated by performing arts but they get to perform too.

Two banner stands and a display counter were purchased with the prize.

The Freddie Farmer Foundation won last year

Set up in 2011, the Freddie Farmer Foundation is all about providing physiotherapy to children and young people with cerebral palsy and mobility problems. The inspiration for the charity is Freddie Farmer who was born with cerebral palsy at 28 weeks weighing 2lb 12oz.

The Foundation’s old banner needed replacing and winning this competition allowed them to promote the Foundation and its cause with the display they purchased.



Freddie Farmer Foundation

Freddie Farmer


The competition will be back again this year

We believe in the hard work charities are doing to raise awareness of their causes and with this competition, we are able to celebrate that hard work by offering a prize of £300 worth of vouchers to use on the site.

Whether you need to promote your cause or fundraise, we want to help lighten the load.

Keep an eye on our website and social channels over the next few weeks for more information on our annual charity competition.