10 ways marketers can do more for less

As marketers, we’re sometimes tasked with what seems like the impossible.

We’re asked things like: “I want you to do more, with less budget!”

“Impossible!” We might think. “I can’t do it.”

But is it really impossible? Probably not.

Whether the ‘less’ refers to money or time, it’s all a necessary resource and one that every business constantly battles with.

Doing more for less isn’t impossible, it’s just about clever planning.

Here are a few ways you can do more for less:

How to do more for less

7 tips at work:

1. Prioritise everything that lands on your desk. Before you hop to it… think about whether it’s urgent. What impact will it have on the business? Assess the time it would take vs potential gain and it’ll help to prioritise which tasks to do.

2. Delegate. Do you really need to do it? Pass on the love if it’s appropriate and refocus.

3. Say no. Sometimes, having it all just isn’t possible. This one can be hard for people pleasers but it’s liberating and allows you to focus on what’s really important. If it still needs to be done, schedule it for another day.

4. Set time for small wins. If we only ever spent time doing the ‘big things’, we’d never get any of those niggly small things done in life. Put some time aside in your diary each week to take care of the small things. After all, we get to tick those small bits off quickly right?

5. Set yourself daily goals. Whatever way you choose to plan your time, make sure you set yourself daily goals for what you’re going to do. As well as a challenge, it can help to focus your efforts to know exactly what you need to achieve that day.

6. Turn your email notifications off. Emails are distracting – do you really need to know when each email comes in and read it there and then? It can distract your train of thought so turn them off.

7.  Make time to think. Sometimes we’re so invested in the current project that it’s hard to find the time to think about the bigger picture. Put some time in your diary to think or to learn and you’ll find that you always have a clear direction.

3 tips for planning your exhibition:

8. Smaller stands – smarter space. When exhibiting, choosing a smaller stand doesn’t have to mean a smaller presence. Plan your space wisely and use displays with a smaller footprint to make the most out of your space. This will leave more room for people to comfortably be in your stand without being loomed over by too many displays squeezed into a tight space.

9. Look for longevity. Consider displays that are simpler – just your logo and strapline. These should last longer to be used at multiple shows making your return on investment bigger.

It also then opens up the possibility of investing in a few key bigger pieces like pop up stands rather than smaller ‘one-off’ items that last as long as your campaign.

10. Smarter giveaways. Do you really need to give away ‘freebies’ at your exhibition? Don’t just follow the crowd. If you don’t think that your giveaway will attract attention or put a smile on the face of your prospective customers then you really don’t have to.

Of course, if they’re branded and only given away to potential customers rather than freebie hunters then go ahead… just plan them wisely to make sure they’re delivering you value.


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