In the Spotlight – Raunds Park Infants School

As you might already be aware, our annual charity competition is currently running and is open to all UK charities and community organisations. Charities and organisations, big and small, have been entering for a chance to win £300 to spend on absolutely anything on the site.

Raunds-Park-InfantsTo get an idea of how display equipment can be used, we first spoke to the AGF who let us know which displays they’ve used for their fundraisers and what they think works particularly well for them. This time, we spoke with Emma Duff, chairwoman of the PTA at Raunds Park Infants School, Northamptonshire, to find out what display equipment the school uses for events and what they’d like to use in the future.

A community school for children aged between 4-7 years old, the aim of Raunds Park Infants is to work together to ensure that all of the children who attend the school have access to a “stimulating curriculum which supports their present understanding and broadens their horizons”.

From all of the display equipment you’ve ever used, what do think has worked particularly well?

We use notice boards and A-frames which work well – we’ve found that these two displays are great for communication. We use them for our family fun days.

If you could pick an ideal piece of equipment, what would you pick and why?

An external notice board would be ideal. It would be nice to visually communicate with more people about the events we have as at the moment we rely a lot on word of mouth and Parent Mail (emails sent out to parents who are subscribed).

What events are coming up for Raunds Park Infants School?

We tend to have two fairs and around four other events in a year. The summer fair is our main event. We’re trying to do more though. Moving forward we’re trying to do tabletop sales, movie nights, and discos to fundraise and bring the community together.

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