Fabric Displays, are they the Future?

Pop up stands have been King in the world of portable exhibitions for many, many years, but they may just have met their match. Their rival is the potentially game changing fabric display stand. But are they all that people make them out to be?

Here, we take a look at the vital statistics around equivalent sized displays in both category to help you make your mind up as to which is better suited to your needs.

Pop up stands versus fabric displays


When you’re contemplating a journey through a crowded city street or underground toward your exhibition or conference, the last thing you’ll want to be dragging behind you is a 30kg pop up stand.

Fabric displays are much lighter as the framework is made of lightweight aluminium poles and weighs in at only 9kg. It’s also ever so slightly bigger than the 3×3 pop up, giving you an even bigger display for a third of the weight.


A big perk for us about fabric displays is that they are machine washable. Although you can technically wipe a graphic pop up with a sponge, it won’t always be able to remove all the marks that come with general wear and tear. You may not be able to get a big zip up stand comfortably into a standard sized washing machine but you can at the very least use industrial sized washing machines, or wash by hand if soiled.

The design won’t even fade or crack with washing as we print through the fabric using a heat-transfer technique rather than printing on-top of it.

Easy assembly

Although assembling a pop up is simple with practice, it can be a bit fiddly to align the graphic panels if you’ve not done this before. With fabric stands, as the graphic is printed onto one piece of fabric, you simply pull the fabric over the structure like a giant pillow case and create tension with a zip.

Hidden structure allowing a 360° display

As the fabric pulls over the structure all of the inner workings, or skeleton of the stand, are concealed within. This means that the back of your stand can look as attractive as the front! This allows you to have greater flexibility in where you use your stand and for some options even allows you to print a design, or colour on the back of the display.


With the above benefits in mind, it’s no surprise that fabric displays are a bit more expensive as compared to pop up stands but they are still on the affordable scale.


In our eyes, both of these stands are winners, pop up displays will remain a staple ingredient on exhibition floors due to their cost-effectiveness, but it’s clear that the new boy in town, the fabric display is here to stay and comes with a great range of benefits that can help exhibitors to make more out of their exhibiting experiences.