Congratulations Animal Rescue Cumbria

We’d like to say a big congratulations to Animal Rescue Cumbria for winning our fifth annual charity competition!


Animal Rescue entered the competition with a poem on our Facebook page. Explaining in five touching stanzas what they do, what equipment they’d like to purchase (a pop up banner and notice board), and what impact that equipment would make, the charity walked away with a massive 816 votes (54.69%) after two weeks of public voting!  They also get to walk away with the £300 prize to spend on anything on the site.

Rehoming Animals Since 1972

Animal Rescue Cumbria rescue and take in cats and dogs and where possible, find them suitable new homes. The charity was formed in 1972 after a group of ladies read an article in the local press stating that a large number of pets were “being put to sleep by the local RSPCA because suitable homes were not available”. After reading this, the ladies were spurred on to take animals in until they were able to find them permanent approved housing.

Animal Rescue continues to take in cats and dogs and works to keep them healthy and where possible, find them a new home.

Let’s Celebrate!

We believe in the hard work charities do to raise awareness of their causes and want to celebrate Animal Rescue Cumbria by giving them £300 to spend on anything on the site. We’d also like to celebrate the fact that this was the competition’s biggest year yet!

We received 37 entries from a range of charities such as health, children, and animal care, and we’d like to thank them all again for participating.

We look forward to receiving your entries next year to see what impact winning the competition would have on your charity but, until then, please read the winning poem by Animal Rescue Cumbria below.



geaorge-mildredThe homeless pets pour through ARC’s door,
(It’s hard to stem the flow).
But donations are running dry,
Our bank balance is low.

We vaccinate each dog and cat,
We neuter, worm, de-flea.
Each animal’s kept warm and fed
And heaped with TLC ❤

To carry on our vital work
We need to spread the word.
“Our animals depend on you!”
The message must be heard.


Our pop-up banner’s fallen down,
Our notice boards are old and sad.
enzoThey do not catch the public’s eye,
We need some new ones, real bad!

A rain proof board or coloured sign
To tell the public what ARC does.
£300 would do the trick,
Our cats and dogs say “vote for us!”


All images belong to Animal Rescue Cumbria.
Cats – George and Mildred
Dog – Enzo