Top Tips to Help you Get your Message Across at your Next Event

There are several things that you need to consider when you are preparing for any event or exhibition.  If you have a full year’s program or just attend a single event, the principles remain the same.  We would recommend that the following things are on your list of considerations, when planning your display stand;

Who you are?

Sounds obvious this one, but prospective clients need to be able to immediately see who you are.  Make sure that any company logo’s or names are big and bold and stand out amongst your graphics. We generally recommend that they are above head high so that they are clearly visible even in a crowded room.

What do you do?

You don’t have long to grab the attention of the potential customer passing by your stand, so very quickly they need know what you do.  Keep text to concise bullet points that clearly explain what you can offer.


It is a good idea to use good quality imagery on your exhibition stand. Whether you are using a roller banner stand, or pop up display system the images are very important and need to visually stimulate the visitors.


It isn’t always possible to physically display products, so do these need to be visually represented in your graphics?


It’s common at most industry events for you to be exhibiting alongside all your main competitors.  So it’s important that you get your UPS’s across.  What’s unique about your products or services and why should visitors come to your stand and not your competitor across the aisle.

Something to take away

It is always a good idea to display your company or organisations literature on your stand.  Attendees at the event will potentially be visiting several stands and you need them to be able to remember you once they leave the hall.


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