5 sales tips for stand success

Whether you’re attending a small conference or a large-scale exhibition, we understand the importance of the sales you make at your stand. Time and time again though, businesses lose out because the same mistakes are made. Here are 5 sales tips to help you to succeed…

Sales Tips by Marler Haley

1. Be attentive, be proactive, be welcoming

Making a sale is made up of more than your pitch. You need to be attentive, proactive and you need to be welcoming.

Have you noticed somebody hovering around your stand? Does a visitor have a particular interest in one of your product brochures?

Don’t finish that conversation with a colleague or continue tidying the business cards for a fifth time. Instead, approach your visitors with a smile and start a conversation – nothing ‘salesy’. Simply engage with them before they lose interest and walk away to a competitor.

2. Don’t judge

There are many forms of judgement and when it comes to shows, stand staff sometimes make the mistake of judging based on position.

It’s important to remember to treat everybody the same. Just because ‘prospect a’ doesn’t hold a senior position or at least, one you deem desirable, it doesn’t mean that they’re not worth talking to.

Disqualifying prospects by position massively limits your opportunities. How many sales have you lost with this approach?

3. Ask questions and listen

It’s not about going in for the hard sell but rather asking questions to find out what it is the prospect wants, and whether or not your product or service is right for them.

If you and your prospect are a match, don’t just reel off a list of USPs and tell them why they should choose you. Get to know more about them and ask more questions about what it is they’re looking for in a product or service. Only then can you really start to sell anything.

The key is to ask good questions and listen. Let them do most of the talking!

4. Knowledge is a must

There are two things stand staff must be knowledgeable about:

  • The brand they’re representing
  • The product or service they’re selling.

Would you be able to confidently answer questions about what makes your brand a pioneer in the industry?
If a prospect is asking you what the USP of your advertised service is, how will you answer?

Lack of knowledge makes your brand look bad and it won’t instil confidence amongst interested parties. Stand staff must be prepared and be able to answer a wide range of questions.
‘Urm’, ‘Well, uh…’ and ‘Let me ask my colleague’ are highly unlikely to achieve positive results.

5. Stay until the very end

Don’t make the mistake of packing away your exhibition stand early… or even on time!

At the end of a long and tiring few days you’ll want nothing more than to beat the traffic, jump into a hot shower, and have a long sleep before work the next day. Don’t use this as an excuse though.

Packing away early is a definite way to miss out on sales. And rather than leaving on time, why not stay a little longer and wait around? You never know who might wander over to your stand.

Staying until the very end is always worth it if there’s a potential sale to be made!

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