So what is the difference between a banner stand and a pop up stand?

Banners and Pop Ups, do you know the difference? When you’re new to exhibitions and events, finding the perfect display can be challenging. You know in your head what you want but is it called a banner or a pop up?

Understanding the technical jargon is actually pretty easy. Follow the key points below, and you’ll be in a far better position to buy your ultimate display:

 BannersPop Ups
Size:600mm to 2000mm2000mm+
Speed of setup:flash_onflash_onflash_onflash_onflash_onflash_onflash_onflash_onflash_on
Shape:RectangularStraight or Curved

Benefits of using banner stands

A banner stand is a portable display designed to carry a graphic with custom branding or messages on. Banners are typically 800mm or 850mm wide, but can go up to 2 metres wide. Narrower 600mm options are available too.

This makes banners smaller and more portable as compared to pop up stands (which are usually two to three metres wide). They also take no longer than 30 seconds to set up.


An example of a typical roller banner stand used in exhibitions, events or retail environments.

Why choose roller banners?

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Assembled in minutes
  • Extra stable bases
  • Uses minimal floor space
  • Inexpensive solution


Different types of banners:

  • Roller/pull up: graphics pull up from the base
  • Cassette: ideal for changing graphics regularly
  • Tension: changeable graphic and lightweight
  • Wide: the perfect backdrop from 1m to 2m wide
  • Outdoor: weatherproof PVC graphics


Benefits of using pop up stands

Pop Up Stands are also portable displays units that are great for advertising your product or service. Pop Up Displays make a perfect back wall if you’ve got a lot of space to use in an exhibition stand.

They take slightly longer to set up than banner stands, but the impact they give is hugely impressive. But don’t mistake its size for portability. A pop up display stand can be easily moved or re-positioned even when fully assembled. With two people, a pop up stand could be set up in minutes. Speedy stuff!

If we take a look at the frame of a pop up you will see it consists of a lattice-like structure with graphics secured using magnetic strips or another fastening system. Easy to know why it’s called a pop up stand now, right? The image below shows one of our pop ups with a graphic missing so you can see what the frame looks like.

A pop up stand that shows the framework, to help illustrate why it's called a 'pop up'.


Why choose pop up stands?

  • Large seamless graphic
  • Easy to transport
  • New lightweight fabric alternatives
  • ‘Pop up’ structure for quick assembly


Different types of pop ups:

  • Classic: easy to attach graphic panels
  • Fabric: lightweight fabric sleeve



Hopefully you now have a good idea about what display suits your needs best. Still undecided? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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